I have a nine-month old granddaughter, Millie, that had her Baby Dedication on Sunday morning.

Baby dedication is a wonderful moment in which parents make a public statement of faith to raise their child under God's grace and wisdom. Dedicating your child to God shows that you recognize your child as a gift from God and you are dedicating yourself to being a godly example to your child. Baby dedication does not secure salvation, rather it is a symbolic moment of entrusting the child's life to God's will.

This ceremony also includes the church members as they dedicate themselves to help teach the child and to be a godly example in the child’s life as well.

As a parent and grandparent, nothing warms my heart more than to see my son, daughter-in-law and grandson stand before the church and dedicate themselves to raising Millie in the ways of God.

Millie, had no idea what was going on, but she was not opposed to all eyes being on her. She was interested in everything that was going on and was her normal happy little self.

She is at the age to explore everything. She wants to see, touch and taste everything around her.

What a great experience to watch a child as they begin to experience and explore the world. As you watch a baby experience something new, you can see such expression in their face, you can all but see their brains working, as they acknowledge whatever new experience they are having.

So many new things to explore for Millie.

I pray that God blesses her and I look forward to watching her grow and see what God has planned for her.

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