Easter, that most special holy day is more than what I thought it to be as a child.

Can you hear it? The little tablet sizzling in vinegar. We waited somewhat impatiently. 

It seemed the longest minute of our lives was waiting on the Easter egg tablet to dissolve.

Mom carefully added the water and we dipped our eggs into the assorted cups that were strewn across the kitchen table.

It was fun taking the little wax color and writing our names on the eggs and watching them magically appear as the eggs slowly changed color.

Afterward, we patted a little tattoo on the eggs. Crosses, chickens and bunny rabbits were put on and we grinned at our art work.

Before long, our Easter baskets were filled with the pale colored eggs, and we were all ready for that special Sunday.

Church on that day seemed to take forever as we listened to the pastor while we sported new dresses. Our toes squirmed uncomfortably in new shoes with little laced socks that were turned down over the shoes. 

Our patent purses glimmered our reflection back like a mirror. We clutched them with little white gloved hands.

Little did we know that the message the pastor was telling was even more important than what awaited at home. Easter means Jesus is alive!

Never has this message meant so much to my heart as this year.

This Friday would have been the birthday of my best friend, Margaret Ann Davis Subblefield that I buried last month. As I have reflected on her life now and then, it is such a comfort to know that the time we spent on this earth is but a moment and we have heaven to look forward to seeing each other forever. 

I was grateful that I had more than my own resources to rely on in these moments. It is easy to get swallowed up by the grief and loss.

I reflected on the reason we have Easter. Even in the middle of the darkest day of our life, when we look at the tombstones on a windswept hill of those special people in our lives who have gone on before, we can be encouraged.

As I Thessalonians 4:13 says “ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.”

Jesus died, was buried and rose again on that third day! Come away to the empty tomb and celebrate Resurrection Hope! Hallelujah!

Easter’s promise lives beyond the grave!

And come Sunday, yes, there will be colored eggs and Easter baskets and such, but beyond the basket is the One who is with us every day throughout eternity. Thank God, every day is Easter because of Jesus.

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