We have been doing a Best of Pontotoc for years and we have always had a large response by our readers.

We have had the online voting open for the past month.

One thing I like about the online voting is we can track not only how many votes were cast, but what age group people vote and if they are male or female voters.

I will share a little about the people who vote in the Best of Pontotoc.

We received over 48,561 votes online. That is a lot of voting.

The votes came from people ranging in age 25 to 52. This was a pretty wide age range and pretty even among each age bracket.

77% of the votes came from women.

This should not surprise anyone. Even if men are wanting to vote, they most likely will tell their wife who to vote for instead of doing it himself. OK, I may have made some men upset with that comment, because there were 23% of the men who voted.

I think every business in Pontotoc received at least one vote.

This told me that we have numerous businesses in Pontotoc that people like to shop with and feel they are worthy of their vote.

The locally owned businesses are the backbone of any community and it is wonderful to see every store front full and people shopping in their stores.

We have not always had this many boutiques, restaurants and specialty shops in Pontotoc. We have seen local people take a risk to open a store in Pontotoc and see the people come out and do business with them.

Those same people have taken the time to tell the store owners that they particularly like certain things by voting the the Best of Pontotoc.

Keep shopping Pontotoc and thank you for voting in the Best of Pontotoc.

We will publish a special section with all the winners in the September 25 edition of the Progress.

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