In their end of January meeting Pontotoc County Board of Supervisors disbursed taxes and ordered a depository bid among other business.

The disbursement of additional privilege taxes collected for the month of January were:       Pontotoc County School District, $2,089.22; Pontotoc City School District, $198.97; City of Pontotoc, $895.38; Town of Ecru, $ 99.49 and Town of Sherman    , $ 298.46.

In addition advertising for bids for county bank depository for  two years was also ordered.

The board also approved advertising for bids for health insurance coverage for Pontotoc County employees.

Van McWhirter asked the board to approve payment of $1,200.00 to Geographic Computer Tech, LLC for website viewer license fees for the Pontotoc County Tax Assessor’s office and it was so ordered.

McWhirter also asked for approval for Jeannie Lucroy to attend a CR2 training at Verona the end of March and to pay her registration fee of $250.

An approval of $50 was granted  to Bill Wardlaw for expenses paid by him at an annual training session for Volunteer Driver’s Training for the Veteran’s Van.

Tammie McCoy was appointed as a Pontotoc County representative to the  Board of Trustees of the Dixie Regional Library System for  five years.

Monies were approved to be transferred from the Extension Office Budget to the Constables’ Budget in the sum of $4,000.

Constable Tommy Corbin was  reimbursed $108.05 to  for expenses paid by him for equipment he purchased to be utilized as Pontotoc County Constable.

An audit service payment of  $9,159.02  was paid to the Office of the State Auditor, State of Mississippi, for audit services performed for the month of December.

Pest Plus Termite & Pest Control was paid $500 for services rendered at the courthouse.

The American Red Cross  was granted their budgeted $5,000 after their letter of request for the funds.

Monday, February 15, is a holiday for all county employees..

A payment of $4,521 was ordered to to be paid to Puritan Life Insurance Co. of America for Medicare Supplement Policy for William Q. Bland in lieu of his participation in the county group health insurance coverage.

In addition $1,611.12 was approved to Philadelphia American for Medicare Supplement policy for Loyd McKnight in lieu of his participation in the county group health insurance coverage as well as to pay the sum of $339.90 to First Health for Medicare Part D drug coverage.

The board approved a payment of $18,172.00 to North Mississippi EMS for education and education accessories for EMS personnel in the North Mississippi EMS District.

A payment of $6,148.58 was ordered to Cook Coggin Engineers,  for engineering services performed on the Fusion Furniture gravity sewer line project.

In addition Cook Coggin Engineers, were also paid the following sums for state aid engineering services performed to be paid from the State Aid Engineering Fund  as follows: $21,538.74 for SAP-58(11)M project; $16,307.69 for SAP-58(13)M project; $23,290.96 for STP/BR-0058(23)BO project; $28,816.11 for SAP-58(10)M project and $8,443.99 for SAP-58(12)M project.

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