The boutiques, restaurants and other businesses are beginning to open their doors.

We have all done our part by staying at home, business have closed and we have slowed the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Now it is time for us to do our part in helping our local economy get back up and going.

We have a promotion in this week’s paper asking you to go out to a locally owned business and spend $15 on the 15th at the participating stores.

Everyone is hurting with loss of work and the boutiques are no different. They have had their spring and summer merchandise in their store for weeks and no one could shop in the store.

I would like to encourage you to visit your favorite store and as many of these locations as you can. Just spend $15 somewhere.

If we all do our part with a small purchase of $15, that will mean so much to our local economy and to the many stores we have throughout Pontotoc and Ecru.

Each location has offered us a variety of stylish clothing, accessories, home décor and more for many years and we all want them to be here for years to come.

I am sure the shops are eager to see you and want to welcome you back to their stores.

We all need to still do our part in keeping each other safe for a little while longer. Feel free to go shopping with your mask on and keep a social distance.

I am ready to go shopping, but am also going to practice social distance and I will be wearing a mask.

Everyone is so ready for life to go back to normal, but we may not quite be there yet.

Shop, but for the ones that are still a little scared to be around others, wear a mask and your distance.

You never know if the person next to you has some health issues that might make them vulnerable to this virus.

You may not feel you need a mask or need to keep distance for your protection, so do it for the ones who do feel they need to be protected from the virus.

Show our local businesses how much we appreciate them by going out on May 15 and spend $15.00. Enjoy a safe shopping experience.

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