My sister Teresa, my brother Scotty and I have teamed up to do canning this year.

Our first adventure into canning was jelly and I think we have enough jelly for all three families to last through the pandemic and beyond.

A couple weeks ago we tackled tomatoes. The past weekend was green beans and we are freezing peas.

We did not have enough jars to can all the vegetables we had bought, so we went on a hunt to find jars. In the past, I have seen jars in every grocery store, at Fred’s and Walmart.

Fred’s has closed, so that knocked on location off our list.

Walmart is out every time we have looked there.

Piggly Wiggly had some two weeks ago and we got as many as we could there.

Last week we when we began our search again, and no one in Pontotoc had any jars.

Scotty had to go to Memphis one day last week and he stopped at every Walmart and grocery store he could find between Memphis and Pontotoc with no luck at any location.

Teresa was in Tupelo and went to every location she could find in Tupelo.

I was looking online and found that Tractor Supply carried jars.

I called their location in Tupelo and New Albany. They didn’t even go look, they immediately told me they were out of jars and they had been receiving a lot of calls from folks looking for jars to can in.

The truck delivered jars to Price Cutter in Pontotoc on Thursday afternoon and we looked like hoarders of toilet paper buying all they had.

Apparently canning our own food is becoming a thing.

This pandemic is causing people to stay home more and I don’t know if it is boredom or if people are wanting to put up their own food that they know is safe for their families.

All I know is if you want jars to can in, you better go find the jars before you buy the vegetables or fruit you plan to put in them.

I have enjoyed sitting and shelling peas, snapping green beans and canning the fruit and vegetables, but most of all, I have enjoyed the fellowship and time spent with my brother and sister.

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