The Carpentry class has been hard at work learning construction safety and proper usage of the different tools in the shop. Students have built shelves for the  tool closet.


Health Science

PRCTC's Health Science classes toured ICC's Health Science programs at the Tupelo campus. The students were able to have hands-on participation in most of the programs they visited. All the students had a wonderful time and were able to obtain more information about the excellent programs offered at ICC.


PRCTC Welding students have been working hard this first nine weeks.  First year students have been spending a lot of time in the classroom learning the basics, but are finally starting to get more hands-on time in the shop.  Their first venture into the shop was to practice using hand and power tools.  

Second-year students have been splitting their time between the shop and classroom, learning more advanced welding and cutting techniques and putting them into practice.

Teacher Academy

Students have started researching careers in education. Each student created a board that included all their research on the career of their choice. All students have started their field experience. The class studied characteristics of effective teachers and created word art using those words. Students also researched different holidays and celebrations around the world. This led to discussions of diversity and teaching children of different backgrounds.


First year students are working on geometric construction. Second year students are reviewing AutoCad. They are also working on their second house floor plan for a medium size house


Early Childhood

Early Childhood students have worked on presenting a fall activity that is appropriate for a kindergarten classroom. After the students presented their activity, they discussed what area of development each activity will enhance and why. The class has learned about safety in the classroom, workplace, and safety for children.

Information Technology

The students have learned the basics of information technology and how computers store and use information. Also, the students started discussing the internal components that make up a computer and how they function together to allow a computer to operate. Students got to take apart both a desktop PC and a ChromeBook. The class has also explored various careers related to the Information Technology field.

Law and Public Safe

Students in second year have been learning about security protective services. They have studied opportunities available in public and private security in the United States. First year students have learned about the early history of law enforcement in America.

Ag. Science 

During the first 9 weeks Ag Science students have not only focused on basic agricultural knowledge in the classroom but have worked on completing the fencing, water, and pasture clean up around the barn.  Students have been divided into teams. One group has prepared the greenhouse for overwintering plants and the other group started preparing for spring plantings. The class is looking forward to continuing hands-on learning in the second half of the fall semester and preparing for spring plantings.

Ag Power and Machinery 

Students in the Ag Power and Machinery year 1 program have been working diligently on Safety, Measurement, Hand Tools, Power Tools, and Fasteners. These students have currently just started on the oxy-fuel unit of the program. 2nd year students have completed Safety and are currently on the Advanced welding and cutting unit. The year 2 students have been working on several projects in the shop. They have fabricated a deer cart, a set of trailer ramps, a 4 wheeler disk and are currently working on a trailer gate repair.


Students in Engineering are learning about measuring tools and selecting the best one to make measurements. In this picture, Ian is using a caliper to measure a bearing flat.

Industrial Maintenance/Advanced Manufacturing  

Students studied safety. They also worked on lock out tag out training for FXI in Baldwyn MS. Coop sign shop donated PRCTC stickers to put on the lock out tag out trainer.

Pontotoc Ridge Career and Technology Center staff

Director- Patricia Ellison

Counselor- Heather Crotwell

Business Manager- Amanda Bray

Administrative Assistant- Leslie Timmons

Construction/Carpentry- Greyson Campbell

Industrial Maintenance/Advanced Manufacturing- Phillip Robbins

Welding- Steve Morgan

Teacher Academy- Dionne Gunter

Student Services Coordinator- Dana Roberts

Health Sciences Core- Shelly Varnon

Health Sciences II- Sonya Russell

Information Technology- Justin Dorris

Law and Public Safety- Jay Allen

Ag Power and Machinery Matt Powell

Architecture/Design- Barry Reeder

Early Childhood- Bridget Robinson

Work Based Learning Instructor- -Amanda Wood

Engineering- Jaimee Childs

Agricultural Science- Clint Young

Building Supervisor/Maintenance- Mary  Martin/ Dale Faulk

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