Amanda Easterling Stark shows off a tray of tomatoes just getting ready for planting.

Enjoying locally grown tomatoes all summer, and into the fall, until the first frost, sounds like a delicious idea, and the folks at Cherry Creek Orchard are happy to accommodate.

“We’re going to stagger them, throughout the season, so that we’ll have a continual supply,” said Amanda Stark, who, along with her husband, Wylie, owns the 60-acre orchard, where some 14,000 plants are already in the ground.

The Starks and their crew plan to plant 40,000 between now and fall.

“We plant tomatoes every year, but never this many, so it’s an ambitious undertaking,” said Stark, as she drove past the field of tomatoes planted on the high ground, nearest the highway, and turned east, toward the bottom. “We’d like to supply local restaurants,” she added.

Celebrity, Big Beef, Red Deuce, and Florida 91 are among the numerous tomato breeds the Starks will produce. They plan to grow about half the crop in the orchard, and the rest on their property on Rocky Ford Rd.

“We need some good sunshine, since we’ve had plenty of rain,” said Stark.

Stark added that the plums are flourishing this year, since, unlike last year, the frost didn’t kill them. The orchard will also have 80 acres of purple-hull peas, which the Starks will offer shelled or unshelled, as well as black berries, and some new varieties of peaches.

Cherry Creek Orchard is located at 4660 MS 345 (Cherry Creek Rd.). Call (662) 489-7783.

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