God’s pattern for ministry to others begins at home. When the church was formed, Jesus told the disciples that they would be witnesses for Him in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost part of the earth. That meant they would start in their own home town. 

When Covid-19 started last March, Brett Bramlett and his wife, Tammy were burdened with the fact that people right here in their home county of Pontotoc really needed God’s word. So he bought some New Testament Bibles, both Spanish and English, and set up a display in the back of his pick-up and he gives them away every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He is in the War-Mart Parking lot on Saturday, and the Price Cutter parking lot the other two days.

“We started setting up here in the afternoons,” Bramlett related as he stood in the late afternoon sunshine on the Price Cutter parking lot. Because his wife works, she can only help him on Saturdays, “but she is right there to help,” he said. “I couldn’t do it with her.”

Not long after he got started doing this ministry, the folks at his church, Greatest Mission Baptist Church, wanted to come along beside him and help out, “so the church buys the Bibles and we give them away.”

Not only does he give away God’s word, he also gives out a sermon cd preached by his pastor Bro. Steve Parrish.

In addition, he gives away pennies that have the cross stamped out of the middle of them. 

“I give these one cent piece to remind people of the One that was sent.”

So if you see Brett Bramlett in the afternoons, send someone his way who needs a copy of God’s word and he will be delighted to give it to them.

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