If your child will attend any one of the five campuses located within the Pontotoc City School district, be advised school will start as scheduled on Friday, August 7; however, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, there are two options being considered with a third on tap in the event of a shut down.

“The Pontotoc City School District has established a re-entry team of district and school level administrators, support staff and medical advisors,” said Dr. Michell Bivins, Superintendent of the city schools. “The team recently met to discuss the re-entry options that would maintain learning with the safety of students as the main priority. Another meeting will take place in July to finalize the plan and allow families time to plan accordingly.”

Bivens said it is important for parents and guardians to remember that the Covid-19 Pandemic is a fluid situation and based on CDC considerations, “guidance may change. The public will be kept posted as information/guidance is given to the district. “ The options being weighed for re-entry into school are as follows:

Traditional School Model: Open schools as traditionally as possible adhering to the CDC considerations. Blended School Model: Traditional learning Monday-Thursday for students that choose to attend face-to-face, and virtual classes for students that cannot attend in person. Friday will be virtual school for everyone, using devices issued by the school. Virtual students would attend school Friday to take proctored exams and receive face-to-face support from teachers. The parent will choose which way they want their child to learn.

The third option being weighed will only be used if a shutdown is required by the Governor or other government agency Virtual School Model: All students attending virtual school with devices issued by the district.

Dr. Bivens said that parents and guardians will have the opportunity to receive training with devices and online learning once the coming year school model has been selected and approved by the Board of Trustees.

“The final decision will be based upon surveys completed by parents and guardians, CDC recommendations and considerations of the re-entry team,” Dr. Bivens noted. The district has received Elementary Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds provided by the CARES Act in response to Covid-19.

“These allocations will be used to provide accessible technology to all students, sanitation and safety supplies for faculty and students, and additional student support through additional employees,” she said.

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