Often, as in a rural area like our hamlet of Hurricane, we forget about the neighborhood fire departments and other county agencies that are providing services to our citizens like the two power associations, water wells, law enforcement agencies, ambulances for the hospitals and FEMA. During the bitter, cold in December and the holiday season, our local fire department as well as others in the area responded to a fire. Via the local grapevine, the first responders said that there was a need for bottles of water for those who were on duty. We had just been to Walmart to restock the supply at our home and had left the extra cases in the truck to take to the cabin. A neighbor took the extra water to the firefighters who were at Horton. Then I thought of all those that were working at the hospitals and other agencies that do not get a break as they are on call to help these citizens night and day. We thank you for your time and your efforts to keep our neighborhoods safe. By the way, there are storm spotters, who keep tabs on area weather, and then they become storm chasers for the crazy, Mississippi weather patterns that can change from a tornado to a snow or an ice storm in hours. Well, I am your unofficial Triskaidekaphobia spotter for the New Year of 2023. You have just lived through the first, Friday the 13th during the weekend, and you will only have one more to beware of in October as these dates are often associated with bad luck. As history often repeats itself, one cannot be too careful as there can be one to three of these day’s a year on the calendar to take caution. Last year, I didn’t remind you as there was only one in May, and I was traveling and trying to keep the driver on guard for road hazards in Texas as some of the speed signs allowed 75 to 85 miles per hour. I was indeed grateful that the eleven hours of the safe journey home was due to the prayers of my family and not to the superstitions of them as I had forgotten the date.


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