In an emergency called meeting Friday morning, the Pontotoc County Board of Supervisors said the county will be enforcing the shelter in place guidelines set forth by the governor of Mississippi. They issued a statement that reads as follows:

The Pontotoc County Board of Supervisors will be following Proclamation 1466 signed by Governor Tate Reeves that begins at 5:00 o’clock p.m., April 3, 2020.

For the health and safety of our citizens we ask that everyone comply with the Order as printed.  The Board of Supervisors will make every effort to see that the guidelines are followed.

We are all in this together and we will all get through this as such.  The current situation is something none of us as citizens or elected officials have ever faced.  Be assured that we as county leaders are doing everything possible to protect our citizens.  You will not always see the process, but just know we have a plan in place and we are implementing it daily.

The order from the governors office says that the shelter in place will be effective from 5 p.m. Friday, April 3 through Monday, April 20 at 8 a.m.

People out side of their homes or residences at all time are to continue to maintain the 6 foot distancing and gathers of more than 10 people should be avoided.

The term home and residence include single family homes, hotels, rental units, shelter, mobile home parks and similar facilities used as the principal dwelling.

Essential activites are classified as tasks necessary to your health and safety, including the safety of your pets.

Obtaining food, services or supplies for our household.

Engaging in individual outdoor activities such as walking.

Essentail travel includes caring for elderly, minors, dependents orother vulnerable persons, to educational institutions, to court if required by court order including to transport children pursuant to custody agreement.

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