The name evokes a happy, carefree feeling, and the merchandise is stylish and affordable.

“Naming the business was kind of like naming a child,” said a brightly smiling Christina Hopkins, owner of Whimsey Thrift and Consignment in Pontotoc. The name emerged out of conversations with friends, and seemed to fit her casual sense about decorative beauty, Hopkins said.

“My vendors and I love to carry beautiful things that everyday people can afford,” said Hopkins, as she arranged a pair of tall, ornate candleholders fashioned from sawed-off bedposts. Like mason jars and a little wax made into rustic, farmhouse-sheik candles, or table centerpieces fashioned from sticks of pulp wood and cotton blooms, the candlesticks were examples, found throughout the Whimsey showroom, of the creative repurposing of unusual, inexpensive items, into fetching home décor.

On a rainy afternoon, Hopkins, who opened her store last October, tidied-up and dusted, arranging things just so, smiling as she handled items that clearly were among her favorites.

Rae Dunn Pottery, with its elegant simplicity, sat arranged along one wall. The bone-white vessels, labeled, as if by the hand of a child, read “Coffee,” “Tea,” and “Sugar.”

Near the front door, Paparazzi Jewelry glinted in the staged lighting. The baroque bracelets—one of turquoise, another of interlocking, crimson ovals, and a necklace of pale, smooth river stones, affixed to a sterling silver chain—were offset by earrings like giant, golden teardrops, and sparkling starbursts.

Before striking out on her own, Hopkins managed the office at a local, furniture company, and learned a lot about the ins-and-outs of home furnishing. She also helped stage and decorate mobile homes, from wall art, to rugs, and everything in between.

“I loved decorating, and interacting with and serving people, and I’d always wanted to open my own place, so it was a natural step,” said Hopkins, who with her husband, Rickey, has three boys.

Style and beauty don’t have to come with an expensive price-tag, Hopkins said, and she, along with the 47 vendors who sell their wares at Whimsey, are committed to making elegance available to everyone.

“Home furnishing are expensive, and we understand that,” said Hopkins. “We want the single mom, the working people, struggling to get by, to feel right at home here, and be able to afford beautiful, practical things for their home.”

Traditional, country thriftiness permeates the showroom at Whimsey, something many Pontotoc County residents know well, having grown up in hand-me-down clothes, in homes furnished from yard sales and with family heirlooms, Hopkins said. She does a good business in what she called “project pieces,” furniture that needs work and fixing up, sometimes structurally, more often cosmetically, and that cost less, and adds a pleasant lived-in feel to anyone’s home.

At Whimsey, the elegance of more high-end decor seems right at home alongside more modest items, and that’s no mistake, Hopkins said.

“The folks who come in here are good, local people, who need their money to go a long way, and who appreciate the value of a hometown store, that’s proud to be part of the Pontotoc businesses community,” said Hopkins. “Besides clothing, a few tools and hardware items, as well as our home furnishings, we also sell gravel and sand for home improvement projects—that stuff is outside, of course,” said Hopkins, smiling playfully and gesturing toward the window. “We have a little bit of everything.”

Tonya Ferguson stopped in to look for clothes for her two-year-old, Eva.

“Christina has great clothes, antiques, a mixed bag of quality stuff,” said Ferguson.

Carol Moore regularly shops for birthday gifts and small pleasantries to brighten the days of fellow church members at Hamilton Chapel.

“I’ve bought perfume, jewelry, even things to decorate our church hall,” said a sunny and smiling Moore. “These are sweet people, here.”

Brittney Holley praised Hopkins’s creativity and sense of style.

“She has a unique way of decorating, of seeing things and creating a beautiful environment,” said Holley. “I see the things she carries, and creates, I just want to take them home.”

Whimsey Thrift and Consignment is located at 426 W. Oxford St. Layaway and financing options are available. Call (662) 419-9379, or visit the store’s page on Facebook.

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