Everywhere you look you will see decorations for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes even some Christmas decorations are beginning to appear.

Let’s look at the seasons. September is the beginning of Fall and it is appropriate to pull out the fall decorations, although fall officially begins September 23.

If you like to decorate for Halloween, hold off until October. October is the month of Halloween, don’t jump the gun in September.

Thanksgiving is the one that bothers me the most. Folks get carried away and begin to decorate for Christmas before we finish Thanksgiving.

The month of November should be dedicated to Thanksgiving. Stores will stock the shelves for Christmas décor in November so you can purchase items needed, but that does not mean you should put them up.

I like to savor each season and have my surroundings with the décor to fit the season.

I really don’t decorate for Halloween, other than having plenty of candy on hand for Halloween and I very much enjoy the children’s costumes and the whole trick-or-treat evening.

I am putting my fall décor out and will be buying mums to add some color outside as soon as the weather cools a little for them to survive.

I love to add pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks, etc. to add to the mums to give me a feel of fall, and will leave them up through Thanksgiving.

I will not be putting up Christmas until we finish with Thanksgiving.

The first week of December I will turn my home from Fall to Christmas.

I want to enjoy each of the seasons to its fullest and don’t want to rush through one Holiday to the other.

This is the time of the year that we seem to speed up time moving from one event to another.

Enjoy your surroundings. Enjoy each season. Enjoy sharing each one with your families.

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