The second week of the July/August term of Pontotoc County Circuit Court is ongoing and the docket has been set for next week's third and final week of court proceedings. 

Court officials stress that cases scheduled on the docket are subject to change or continuance.

Ninety cases were scheduled for the week two docket and 82 cases are scheduled for consideration next week.

Seventeen cases are set for trial on Monday, August 10. Defendants and their charges include:

-Roberto Romeo, aggravated trafficking meth, possession cocaine with intent and possession marijuana with intent;

-Samuel Smith, fondling, child enticement/sexual purposes;

-Paul Holloway, sexual battery under 14 and fondling;

-Anthony Pulliam, taking of a motor vehicle;

-Wade Bean, DUI fourth;

-Andrue Tutor, possession of contraband by a prisoner;

-John Sipes, child enticement-sexual purposes and computer luring;

-Roy Chambers, three cases, including two counts possession meth and shooting into a dwelling;

-Melvin Miles, possession hydrocodone and possession of meth;

-Walter King, possession of cocaine with intent;

-Joshual Watkins, possession stolen firearm and possession marijuana with intent;

-Anna Tyson, three cases including two counts burglary of a dwelling and three counts burglary of vehicle;

-Joe Thomas, DUI 4th.

Eighteen cases are set for trial on Tuesday, August 11, including:

-Cory Palmer, fondling;

-Zekerrius Liggins, aggravated assault-weapon;

-Jamie Holmes, dogfighting-spectator;

-Richard Wilson, possession meth;

-Reggie Morris, child abuse/harm;

-Heather Schmidt, possession hydrocodone;

-Roberto Romeo, aggravated domestic violence-strangulation;

-Sandra Alexander, possession of meth;

-Daniel Austin, felon with a weapon;

-Julie Mooneyham, sale of meth;

-Janice Neal, sale of meth;

-Matthew Baskins, possession of contraband by prisoner;

-Ashley Westmoreland, child abuse;

-Juanita Young, DUI 4th;

-Jeremy Bramlett, grand larceny;

-Frank Silas, DUI 4th;

-Benjamin Simmons, possession meth;

-Chad Simmons, child abuse.

Seventeen cases are set for trial on Wednesday, August 12, including:

-Tredarius Westmoreland, two counts aggravated assault-weapon;

-Lenoir Thornton, armed robbery;

-Troy Hudson, two counts fondling;

-Tyler Grose, possession of meth;

-Kilwandra McRoy, false pretense;

-Michael Stroup, two cases, two counts DUI 4th;

-Tyler Robinson, burglary of a building;

-Quinin Coleman, three counts grand larceny, five counts burglary of vehicle, two counts taking of vehicle and one count burglary of building;

-Thomas Linley, grand larceny;

-Bobby Thompson, two counts false pretense;

-Nicholas Tucker, DUI 4th;

-Mario Steward, receiving stolen property;

-Alisha Walker, possession meth;

-Jose Escobar, DUI 4th;

-Charles Graves, embezzlement and possession meth.

Eighteen cases are set for trial on Thursday, August 13, including:

-Jimmy Hogue, sexual battery, no consent;

-Julie Mooneyham, retaliation-witness/public servant; aggravated assault-weapon;

-David DeHaas, two cases, including: retaliation-witness/public servant, aggravated assault-weapon; felon with a weapon; sale of meth;

-James Tackitt, two cases, including: four counts fondling and sexual battery under 14;

-Trey Bean, possession cocaine;

-Jackie White, three cases, including: meth/trafficking, receiving stolen property and taking of a motor vehicle;

-Jacob Bland, two cases, including two counts possession of meth;

-Justin Morris, burglary of a dwelling;

-Jamie Robertson, embezzlement;

-Kyler Fitzpatrick, two cases, including three counts burglary of building and burglar of a dwelling;

-Cornelius Gillard, possession of cocaine;

-Jason Love, possession of marijuana with intent.

Twelve cases are set for trial on Friday, August 14, including:

-Dwayne Ruth, felon with a weapon;

-Valarie Hicks, possession meth with intent;

Greggory Cassatt, aggravated domestic violence-strangulation;

-Tevin Buford, property removal-lien/county;

-Michael Bean, possession cocaine;

-Anthony Clifton, false pretense;

-Rhonda Patterson, possession of schedule I/II controlled substance;

-Geoffrey Green, credit card fraud;

-Richard Willis, possession meth;

-Candice Cayson, burglary of building;

-Richie Darby, embezzlement-under contract, repair;

-Michael Buchanan, aggravated domestic violence-strangulation, arson of dwelling. 

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