We all have those friends that we can maintain a friendship that time and distance can’t break.

My friend Kristi is such a friend. We met in about 1993 and had a connection from the very beginning.

Kristi has this radiant glow about her that cames from inside. She is one of the most deeply rooted people in her faith and I always draw strength from that when we talk.

She and her husband had one son when I met them and then they added a beautiful little girl.

Cliff and Kristi worked with the youth at their church and their children would stay with me when they took the youth to events.

I guess it was a swap as they would take my son with them on some of their trips while their young children would stay with me.

Their youngest, a little girl named Rebecka stole the heart of everyone in our families. My mother-in-law always wanted a little girl and Beck was happy for the attention. My mother-in-law was a seamstress and made Beck a dress when she was about two years old.

Kristi held on to that dress for about 25 years and sent it to me a few weeks ago for my granddaughter who is two.

My mother-in-law never got to see her great granddaughter, but it was pretty special to get to put on a dress that she made.

I know she would be so happy to see Millie in a dress she made 25 years ago.

That is the kind of friend I have in Kristi. She knew how much Mrs. Bryant would have enjoyed a great granddaughter because she enjoyed Beck so much.

Kristi and her family have been away from Pontotoc for over 20 years, they moved to Oklahoma and then her husband was transferred to Iowa and are now back in Oklahoma.

I have not talked to Kristi for over two years until I received the surprise package of the dress and I gave her a call.

It never matters how long it has been since we talked, we can pick up as if we talked last week.

Kristi is one of those special friends that time or distance can’t break.

She is the kind of friend that knows how much that little dress would mean to me and my son.

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