The Ecru aldermen unanimously voted to purchase the BBI budget and accounting software for the town. The system costs $13,200 but the aldermen have already seen what the water software has done to help the town, so they readily agreed to the purchase.

“It [water software] has been a good system, fairly fool proof,” said Dr. Speck. “Within the next two year period it will pay for itself.”

“We did budget for it,” said Mayor Jeff Smith. “It gives us an off site back up so we will be able to do payroll an conduct the business of the town if a tornado strikes here. The reports that Mike [Nesbit] and I have looked at we are really impressed with.”

Mayor Smith informed the board of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks grant that the park could possibly get if they so choose. “Before you can apply for the grant you have to have a plan,” said Smith.

He said the plan includes a topographical study, “which includes every tree, the kinds of trees, the ditches that are in the area and the kind of dirt work that would have be be performed. They would need all this data.” Smith said the cost for getting this done is $7,000.

“We didn’t budget for this,” he said, “and we have until May to apply for the grant that is a matching grant and you can use in-kind work for the match.”

Smith pointed out emphatically that work will continue on the park regardless of if they get a grant. 

“Parks are important,” he said. “Good parks bring good people and it is a good benefit to the town.”

The board tabled the matter until a later date.

In other business the board voted to hire Teresa Baldwin to take care of the compete upkeep of the Pannel Park as well as the Blake Mounce Park. “She takes care of things,” said Jason Horton who manages the park. “If we need something done she has a team and she will get it done.”

Horton also noted that the Blake Mounce race has been moved to July or possibly August. “There is just too much going on in the spring,” he said.

Water superintendent Mike Martin told the board that his team has been working on the sewer problem in the corn field behind the town hall.

“When ihe manhole back there was installed in 1970 it was buried six feet in the ground. We raised it up and we are going to mark it well so it won’t be run over,” he said. “Water well tank 2 is back in service and full again. We are going to take down well 1 and wash it out. It won’t have to be painted like well 2 did, so it shouldn’t be out of commission as long.”

Fire chief Russell Graham asked the board to approve spending monies on some lights for the main bay at the fire house. “I have two quotes and the best one is $660.” The board approved the purchase. “Also, I just want to give you a heads up that the Tahoe doesn’t consistently crank. We ill have to take it to the Chevy place to get it worked on.”

The board also approved for Bill Culberson to construct benches inside the storm shelters. “He will be putting three benches in each shelter,” said Mayor Smith. “We have needed these and he is going to do this at a good price.”

New hires in the town were approved which included: Rebecca Chism as water clerk/deputy clerk, Rhonda Dowdy was approved for part time court clerk, Jimmy Farris was approved to be hired for part time officer and court clerk.

The board also approved the extension of the temporary moratorium on mobile homes, which means no new mobile homes will be approved for inside the town limits until this is lifted.

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