North Pontotoc baseball coach Chad Anthony addressed the Ecru board of Aldermen at their first of the month meeting requesting permission to transform the old single court tennis court into a batting cage for the team.

“The boosters are going to sponsor it; but it has to be approved by you [the board] as well as the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, because it has to be continued to be used as an outdoor recreation area.”

Anthony said he has already gained the blessing of the MDWFP. “It is not used for tennis any more because it’s not big enough and the tennis teams go into Pontotoc City to do their practice.”

The board gave their approval.

Mike Nesbit asked the board to consider charging late fees for those who don’t get their privilege license filled in a timely manner. He recommended that the board charge a 10 percent fee after 45 days and an additional one percent fee after 55 days and each month following. “This is in keeping with what the city Pontotoc does.” The board approved the charges.

He also asked the board to approve setting an A/P clearing account for BBI. “We want to follow their protocol. The system will help to streamline paying bills, for instance instead of writing three separate checks, to say War-Mart for things that were purchased, we only write one check for the total bill we owe.” The board approved.

Nesbit also showed the board a single sheet of paper.  “This month we billed out $43,000 in water bills and have collected $40,000. I show you this paper because the way we do our cut offs’s we have had pages and pages of people. This month we only cut off 11 people and that’s who is on this single page. Everything is looking good.”

Several months ago the town approved BBI to approve to take credit cards, “it is a $200 set up fee and the rest will be paid for by the card holders. This will be a good thing for the town.”

Changing the subject to the cemetery Nesbit asked the board to make sure they visit it soon. “Bush Hamilton talked Jerry Wise into bringing some heavy equipment down there and got it cleaned up. Please go look at it and thank them.”

Mayor Smith asked town clerk Mitzie Stokes to make a note to send a thank you letter.

Nesbit also said that they have so far identified 11 unmarked graves. “We have purchased some simple small flat granite markers to put on them."

In other business the board approved a partnership with Laura Martin from the McLean Institute at Ole Miss who will help the town in finding things that will benefit the town and partner with the schools as well. “This is going to be a good partnership for the town,” said Mayor Smith.

The board also hired a part time police officer. “The other guys weren’t able to work like they were, so we moved them to reserve,” said investigator Ronnie Goudy.

Fire chief Russell Graham said he will have the first graders at the station on October 16. “On Halloween we are going to be having a drive through giving out information. No candy,” he said.

Water and sewer superintendent Mike Martin said they had some leaks but were now fixed and cleaned up all the stuff behind the day care. “We are going to replace two culverts as well.”

He asked the board permission to purchase two radio read meters for the wells in Ecru. “When we put in the radio read meters they weren’t available for the wells at that time, but now they are and it will give us the ability to read the water usage on the well when ever we need to.”

Being able to read the well like this will give the town the capacity to find out 30 day usage and it will show them when they flushed the lines and if there is a major leak somewhere.

The board approved for Martin to spend up to $5,200 for the two meters.

The board also approved the transfer of funds of $25,872 to pay for the new police vehicle.

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