Ecru aldermen discussed many facets of the town business at their October meeting, including approving Saturday, December 4, 6 p.m as the date and time for their Chrismas parade.

After having Covid restrictions last year, the town is now on track to resume Christmas parading fun, so mark your calendar for the first Saturday in December.

A young couple from the community, Jeff and Ashley Rich, sought permission to park an RV on their home sight. Their house burned recently and they purchased the motor home as a temporary shelter until they can get it re-built.

“We are going to have to tear it down to the slab,” Jeff said. “It came through the roof. We want to stay in this area because our daughter goes to North Pontotoc.”

They were asked how long they thought they would need the temporary shelter, the couple asked for a six month variance.

After discussion among the board, they actually gave the couple a nine month variance.

“With all that is going on, it may take longer than you are thinking,” said aldermen Gable Todd.

And the couple were told that if it took longer to come back to the board at the end of the nine months.

In the next matter of business the board was asked to purchase an additional uninsured motorist insurance that would cover any motorized vehicle that the town has. After discussing the matter, they voted to decline the insurance.

Town clerk Mitzi Stokes was approved to attend the Mississippi Municipal Clerks Educational workshop in Flowood this December.

In addition, the board accepted a bid from Asia Mottors of $19,000 for a 2018 Ford Explorer.

A lengthy discussion was held on raising rates for setting water meters and sewer taps. That is where the water and sewer t’s off from the main line to a business or home. Mayor Patty Turk said that Shane Dunaway couldn’t be at the meeting, but left some paper work to present the idea to the board.

“We have looked at what all the other towns rates are and ours is still behind theirs even if we raise the rates,” Turk said.

The proposal was to raise the 1 inch tap $100 which will make it go from $900 to $1,000 and the two inch taps would be raised by $200 which would make to go from $1,800 to $2,000.

“This won’t affect individual houses,” noted alderman Todd. “This goes to pretty good sized buildings.”

The board approved the rate increase.

On the addendum the board approved for Shane Dunaway to attend math class for the sewer certification in Hattiesburg; approved for Watkins, Ward, and Stafford to conduct the annual adit and approved a payment of $755.33 to Patty Turk for purchases of improvements to the Pannell Park fountain and landscaping materials.

The consent agenda included approving September minutes, October payroll, claims docket, water adjustments and August financials.

Plans for the Heart of Ecru Festival on Saturday, October 30 have been finalized for this packed one day event which will be down Ecru’s Main Street with some 25 vendors setting up, the Blake Mounce run, trick-or-treating for the children capped off in the evening with a concert by the Bouffants. More information on this day will be forth coming.

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