I have no doubt that some of you are looking at this little article and thinking, “well, it is about time.”  And others are probably thinking, “I thought Ecru had vanished.”  Or maybe a few of you are just thinking, “Whitney is a very busy person and I cannot imagine how she gets everything done that she does.”  Truth, I am a very busy person with two active children and a husband who has a full plate with two full time jobs.  However, this evening in church, Brother Dustin used a phrase “Dare to Share” that resonated with me.   I am sure he was meaning it as in share the gospel when you have the opportunity (he actually said those words) but it hit me that many of you dare me to share the goings on in Ecru.  So I’m back on the wagon and will beg you to help me “Dare to Share” the many wonderful things happening in our fantastic little town.  This article is not possible without the input of the people reading weekly. 

 Lift Brother Greg Lassett and his wife Jasmine in prayer as they welcome into their home and hearts a foster child.  Cameron and Copper will be learning new roles and adapting to a new person in their home as well.  Also pray for this infant that will be coming home to a new environment.

Mrs. Peggy Reeves has had an extended hospital visit.  Please pray for healing for Mrs. Peggy and rest for her caregiver and sister Mrs. Pat.  

January 9th was officially Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  I know that each officer that serves Ecru works diligently to keep the citizens of the town safe.  They put their personal safety at risk daily to ensure that we don’t have to worry.  If you happen to see an Ecru Police Officer make sure to say “thank you”!

The Ecru Police Department was able to serve 20 families over the holidays.  Thank you to anyone that donated food items to the pantry for helping make that possible.  

Congratulations to Russell Graham the new Fire Chief.  Phil Stokes stepped down after being Chief for over a decade.  Phil is still a volunteer fireman with the Ecru Fire Department and I thank him for his willingness to serve!

Did your water bill look different this month?  That may be due to the change in billing rates.  If you have questions about the new water rates, call the town hall.  

Mayor, Jeff Smith will be in Jackson this week attending the Mississippi Municipal League’s Winter Session.  He will be attending Municipal Classes and networking with other Mayors.  Alderman, Gloria High will also be in attendance. 

Soon the water department will be using a new software system that will allow payments to be made electronically.  This will take some time as the clerks will be learning to use the new software but it will make paying your water bills and traffic fines much easier.  Please wait patiently for this new convenience as it will take time to work out all the bugs as this new software and payment ability are put in place.  Hopefully by February everything will be ready.

With this weather, I don’t know that it will ever be cold enough to be curled up on a couch with a book, loved one, and a bowl of soup.  However I am hopeful that we will have some really cold days, or otherwise the bugs will carry us away this summer.  So in parting, I am going to leave you with a recipe.  I cannot claim it as my own, but it is wonderful and wonderfully easy!

7 can Vegetable Beef Soup

1 lb. ground beef1 can tomato soup 1 can Rotel tomatoes

1 onion, diced1 can whole kernel corn1 can veg-all

1 can petite diced tomatoes1 can Vegetable beef soupI can chili with beans

1 can water

Brown your ground beef and onion in a dutch oven. Drain excess fat from pot.  Open and pour undrained cans into the pot with the ground beef mixture.  Heat to boiling and enjoy!

This week, I encourage you to “Dare to Share”, whether this phrase speaks to you on a personal or religious level.  Psalm 96:3 says “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!”   I look forward to hearing from you with birthdays, anniversaries, trips you may have taken, or historical facts about Ecru.  From my family to yours, have a wonderful week!

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