Post Annex with Annexed Areas

The town of Ecru has annexed an additional three square miles. The areas in red indicate the newly acquired part of the town.

After many years of planning and getting all the necessary clearance, the town of Ecru officially expanded their limits today, March 10. After the signing of final approval last month by Chancery Judge Michael Malski, the town had to wait 30 days for any final objections before it became official. 

This allowed the town to sprawl out three square miles.

“The town is currently four square miles,” noted Mayor Jeff Smith. “This will add the additional three.”

The limits will run south of town and stops at the top of the hill at McWhirters Bend. It will run due east to the channel. On the on the west side of Highway 15 the limits will go just to the edge of the industrial park without including the factories.

Smith said that ninety percent of the expansion is south while ten percent of it runs west.

Mayor Smith said that as far as police protection goes, the town basically serves that area already “through an agreement with the sheriff’s office.”

“The plus side for the people who will be annexed is they will be able to get the services from the town,” he noted.

And along those lines he said they would be getting the engineering soon for the sewer in the expanded area, “and we hired Officer Shane Tillery full time to aid in the police protection.”

Mayor Smith said he would be speaking with PEPA manager Frankie Moorman to get the street lights installed in that area, “and we have already done a survey of the roads, which were in good shape before the ice storm came.”

He also indicated to street supervisor Mike Martin that the town would now need to store black cold mix fill in for the streets. Martin said there was not a place to put it at the moment.

“It will take bricks and a slab to store it properly,” he said.

“Get the prices and find a good place,” Mayor Smith said. “It is necessary for us to keep that now with more miles of roads.”

The added value to the annexation will pull more businesses within the town limits.

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