In their April meeting the Ecru board of aldermen met via conference call from four of the five aldermen so that the board could be socially distanced.

The board approved minutes of their regular meeting, emergency meeting, claims docket and approved the payroll docket; as well as approved the fair housing proclamation.

Mike Martin reported that the sewer extension project is almost complete, when a motion was made to pay $73,233.43 from the Community Development Block Grant fund for the project. “They have to come back and do a lot of clean up,” he noted.

The board also approved to pay Pontotoc County Tax Assessor Van McWhirter $6,500 for collecting Ecru’s property taxes. 

A payment of $1,000 was approved for Bridge and Watson’s legal description work on the annexation.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the board also made a motion to temporarily suspend water and sewer reconnection fees. “We can’t suspend late fees,” said Mike Martin. “So if there are late fees, they must still be paid.”

Martin also stressed that the $50 reconnection fee can only be forgiven during the State of Emergency.

Two matters were tabled at the meeting, one was for a request by Adrian and Blake Porter to construct two homes at 2205 Old Highway 15. Adrian Porter was at the meeting. Dr. Speck asked if he had a drawing to show where they would be located; and he didn’t. Porter said that he was only in the preliminary planning of this and wanted to know what he needed to get the homes built. He said he would provide a drawing and a survey to city hall.

The other tabled matter was from Kenneth Holliday who was requesting to place a new mobile home on Newsum Drive in lots 5 and 6. There is currently a moratorium on any mobile homes being moved into the town.

Mayor Jeff Smith said the city will be up against a shortfall in funds over the next months. “I had to send in a survey and we are going to be losing some five to ten percent of the sales tax. It look like we are going to be okay as far as salaries,” he said. 

The towns financial officer, Mike Nesbit said the town needed to be careful how much money they spend. “We have collected most of our money for the year already through the taxes,” he noted. “We went to make sure we have enough to last. I’d suggest that you look closely at discretionary spending especially over the next months unless it is an emergency.”

After discussion back and forth the board voted that any spending over $100 must be cleared by the mayor.

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