Pontotoc County Circuit Clerk Melinda Knowicki (third from left) explains to poll workers how the voting machine works. On hand for poll worker training were from left: JoAnn Gentry, Wayne Cobb, Knowicki, Lisa Ferguson, Reba Bailey and Michelle Benjamin.

Pontotoc County voters will go to the polls this Tuesday, November 3, to decide a number of statewide measures as well as who they want to govern them as President of the Nation.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Absentee voting will continue through Saturday, Oct. 31.

Next Tuesday’s ballot will contain decisions for three national offices as well as one non partisan judicial election. In addition there are also three state wide measures to be decided on the ballot.

On the local level residents will vote for a county school and a city school board member as well as five local county election commissioners. 

Presidential Candidates

Nine candidates round out the presidential ballot which include three Independent candidates, a Green Party candidate, a Libertarian, American Constitution, American Solidarity and the two main stream candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties.

President Donald Trump is seeking re-election on the Republican ballot and his running mate is Vice-President Mike Pence.

Former vice-President Joe Biden is seeking election on the Democratic ballot. He has chosen Kamala Harris for his running mate.

The three independent candidates and their running mates are as follows: Phil Collins and Bill Parker; Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard; Kayne West and Michelle Tidball.

Don Blankenship is the American Constitution candidate and his running mate is William Mohr.

The American Solidarity candidate is Brian Carroll and Amar Patel is his running mate.

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins is seeking election with Angela Nicole Walker as his running mate.

Libertarian candidate Joe Jorgensen has Jeremy ‘Spike’ Cohen as his running mate.

United States Senate

U.S. Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith is seeking re-election on the Republican ticket; Mike Espy is the Democratic candidate and Jimmy L. Edwards is the Libertarian candidate.

U.S. House

U.S. House First Congressional District candidate Trent Kelly is seeking re-election on the Republican ticket while Antonia Eliason is seeking the office as a Democrat.

Judicial Election

The nonpartisan judicial election is for Supreme Court justice position 3. The two who are vying for this office are Josiah Dennis Coleman and Percy L. Lynchard.

Local races

Only one race in these have an opponent which is the District 4 election commissioner. Republican Shirley M.Dillard will face Independent Clinton Young.

Others on the ballot with no opponent include election commissioners Linda Dowdy Martin in district 1, Nicky Moore in district 2, Quay Bland in district 3 and Larry Poe in district 4. All these are Republican candidates.

County School board district 5 candidate on the ballot is Allen Roye. 

The city school board member on the ballot is Gaye Howard. Only those who live outside the city limits but inside the city school district will vote in that race.

Statewide measures

There are three statewide measures on the ballot which include Medical Marijuana; a State House amendment allowing statewide candidates to have a run-off and state flag design.

The Medical Marijuana measure has two steps. In the first step you can either vote for medical marijuana to be approved in the state or you vote against it.

If you vote for medical marijuana, the next step is to approve how you want the marijuana to be dispensed in the state, if a majority were to vote yes.

The two initiatives 65 and 65A deal with how it is distributed. 

If you vote for initiative 65 you are saying that you want qualified licensed physicians to dispense it to patients and it would be run by the private sector.

If you vote for initiative 65A the alternative states the it would be grounded in sound medical principles and only qualified persons as certified by the by health practitioners could dispense it. But it does not define what the medical conditions are to qualify for medical marijuana.

The house amendment on statewide candidate races removes the Mississippi House of Representatives having to choose who the candidate is in the event there are three or more people running and no one gets a clear majority. If you vote for this initiative then the top two vote getters will go into a run-off just like on the local level. This keeps partisan governmental politics out of the people’s choice for their candidate.

The last measure to be decided by voters is the choice of the state flag design. You can either vote for or against it.

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