Recently my pastor quoted a little thing he read that said fall in Mississippi is simply summer with pumpkins. I wish he wasn’t so prophetic. I’m dragging fall kicking and screaming into existence. I hope.

On the last day of September I was able to slip out to the field and cut some sunflowers. I also found this neat straw bird nest that some little bird hatched babies in. 

I climbed up to the storage place in my kitchen where I keep all my fall glasses and cups. Yes, I have even more cups! I pulled them down and washed them up just to see some orange and red.

Then I got inspired and started cleaning house. Gasp! Can you believe it? Miracles never cease. I put a small owl and a bowl of sunflowers on a corner shelf and lit it up with a small led light.

Anyway, it appears that fall is going to make a slow appearance around here but through the miracle of leaves made out of material we can have a New England fall on a small scale. I’m getting mine out and scattering them throughout the house, just to remind me of what yellow and red leaves look like.

I was excited last Wednesday morning when I stepped out and saw my Spider Lillies peeking their red whiskers out from amongst the Dallas grass.

Yes, the Dallas grass has grown up in the yard. I wouldn’t let Jonathan mow while the drought was on so the chickens would have some seeds to peck. And besides, we have had dew every night and the bugs hide out in the fresh wet glittery water as a respite from the summer heat. That means there was plenty of extra protein for the chickens to chase.

Anyway, back to fall. A bit of yellow color is beginning to show up on the elm trees and the persimmons are showing their orange orbs on the bare branches because they are already beginning to drop their leaves. And this wonderful rain we got Sunday and Monday is going to bring the high temperatures down to a nice fall lull.

What is it about fall that makes us all feel better? Perhaps it’s because we can at last put up those summer things and bring out the flannels and the socks and the closed toed shoes. Our colors in dress usually change from the beach scene to the warm earth tones. 

It reminds us that life changes, and no matter what we are going through this season, another one is around the corner. I can’t wait to see a nice crackling fire in the hearth, to warm up some apple cider and make some spiced tea. The cinnamon sticks have already been stirring in my regular tea.

It also means warm brown beans in the pot, turnip greens on the side and fresh from the ground sweet potatoes with cornbread on the side.

It means crunching through brown leaves, seeing darkness get here sooner, but being able to light up the night with orange and purple lights while pumpkins gleam from amongst corn stalks and brightly colored mums.

It means crawling in the bed with a comfortable quilt to gently wrap you in its warmth; and letting the memories waft their way through the corridors of time to woo you into pleasant dreams.

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