Last week, I wrote about my Dad and how he has always been there for his children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren.

My Dad’s sons and grandsons have had a wonderful example of being a father and that is important in a young boy’s life.

I believe that it is pretty simple philosophy to being a good parent. I don’t mean it is easy.

What I remember the most from my mother and father were not the things they bought me but the time they spent with me.

I look at this generation of fathers in my family and see each one of them spending time with their children.

My son has grown into a great dad. I see Jason building things with Sawyer, playing games together and just talking and spending time together.

His daughter is just simply smitten by her dad. Millie has always gotten excited when her daddy walked into the room and she still lights up when she sees her daddy.

I am pretty sure Jason is smitten by her as well and she knows it.

We were driving a couple weeks ago and we were going around the car saying what makes us happy.

I was thrilled when each grandchild said I made them happy. About the third round and it came Millie’s turn, she said, “I make daddy happy”.

There was probably no truer statement ever made. She indeed makes her daddy happy as does her brother Sawyer.

Men, do you remember anything your parents bought you when you were growing up or are your memories of the time you spent with your father or what you father taught you or the example he set for you.

Don’t underestimate the value you bring to a child. The father will have more to do with the molding of the child than anyone else.

The father will teach boys how to be men, and he will show little girls how they should be loved and treated.

Fathers you have eyes watching you because you are the head of the home. They are watching you on how you lead your family.

Fathers shoulder a great responsibility that I admire and respect in the young men I watch raising their children today.

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