I feel like I am living in a Jetson’s cartoon.

Some of the younger folks will not understand that, so for clarification the classic television cartoon The Jetsons has a permanent place in pop culture history. It centered around a futuristic family with some of the wildest and most luxurious home automation technologies you can imagine. The Jetsons was supposed to take place in the year 2062, a century after its 1962 debut.

In 1962, the things depicted by the Jetson seemed impossible, but they did get some things right.

We are not flying around in bubble shaped cars. We don’t have functioning jetpacks however we could possibly own a self-driving or driverless car in our lifetime. Companies like Google, Ford, Toyota, Tesla and Audi are all developing their own driverless vehicles.

We don’t have robotic maids, but domestic robotics are becoming part of our homes for instance the Roomba robot vacuum.

Video Chatting, we nailed that one. In 1962 the idea of seeing the person you were talking with on the phone was a fantasy. My granddaughter, only two years old, knows no other way to talk on a phone other than seeing the person.

I have called my son and she heard my voice and we have to switch to FaceTime.

Automatic meals are getting closer, just not in our homes, but we can go to vending machines and get all types of drinks, sandwiches, etc. who knows when we get a smart kitchen.

Everything at our fingertips, we have totally got it.

Our homes are moving closer and closer to total automation. We can run many of the things in our home from our cell phones and there is a remote for everything.

Home security allows us to unlock and lock doors from anywhere, we can turn on the lights in our house before we arrive, our heat and air is programmable to keep the temperature in our homes just the way we like it.

Who knew in 1962 we would be looking more and more like the Jetsons.

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