Every year when I start seeing churches promoting their Vacation Bible Schools, it brings back fond memories of summers past.

I looked forward to vacation bible school each year when I was a child. I can remember like yesterday the big oak trees in the back of Shady Grove church where we would have snacks outside.

Grape cool-aid and cookies tasted better at vacation bible school than any other time.

The arts and crafts we made were great. I can’t remember how many projects I made out of macaroni noodles. When we took them home to mother, you would have thought they were a piece of art that was as valuable as a Picasso.

The Bible lessons are ones that I still remember today. I remember sitting in a circle as our teacher would tell us the stories of the bible about Moses being put in the basket and sent down the river, how David killed the giant with a sling shot and one stone, about Jonah being swallowed by the whale, about Jesus and the miracles he performed and much more.

All those bible stories and how we could apply them to our lives. All those bible stories that lay a foundation for so many children that continue on today in vacation bible schools.

I think the program or graduation from vacation bible school was the best. We invited all our parents to church, we had a very formal presentation of the US flag and the Christian flag, a procession of all the children who attended bible school and we presented a program about all we learned during the week, followed by the best meal you ever ate, outside, under those big ole oak tress. That was a true dinner on the grounds. 

What great times they were.

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