Graduation celebrations for the Community Colleges and Universities began last week and high school graduation will be coming up at the end of this week.

In this today's paper you will find the High School Graduation magazine. As we prepare to publish this section, we are going over each photo and preparing it for printing, I wonder which one will be Mayor of our city one day, which one will be the doctor that delivers my great grandchild, which one will build my grandson's house, will one of them be president of the United States.

As you look at the faces of the graduation class you will see the future of our community and our country.

The possibilities are endless at what these young people will do with their lives. We can be assured that each one was given the opportunity to receive a quality education, preparing them for whatever is next in their life.

We cannot thank our teachers, administration and school board members enough for their continued strive for excellence in educating our young men and women.

This is not an easy task or one that someone can do without a true calling to teach.

I can remember teachers that made in impact on my life and taught so much more than what was taught in the classroom.

They were role models and someone that I looked up to.

I am sure everyone has that special teacher that you will quote a saying they used.

As we watch this years class walk up to receive their diploma, take a good look at these young people and if you have an opportunity to help even one of them in their quest to find their calling and path in life, take that opportunity.

You never know what impact a simple conversation or sharing an experience will make on a young life.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017.

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