The Pontotoc County Grand Jury which deliberated in April returned 67 indictments into open court on May 21 and defendants were arraigned.

Plea days have been scheduled for July 22 and 23 and the three week July term of court convenes Monday, July 29. No court will be held election week, August 5-9. Court will resume August 12 and continue through August 23.

Indictments released on May 21 include the following defendants and their respective charge(s):

-Candice Cayson, burglary of a building;

-Roberto Romeo, aggravated domestic violence;

-Michael Anthony Moore, burglary of a dwelling-larceny;

-Carissa E. Sasso, burglary of a dwelling-larceny;

-Jamie Wayne Robertson, embezzlement;

-Randy James Solomakos, murder;

-Robbie Julianna Bejarano, armed robbery;

-Tina Marie Stevens, possession of marijuana with intent;

-Richie Clayton Darby, two counts of embezzlement;

-Joseph Scott Smith, possession of meth with intent;

-Cody Scott Hall, grand larceny and taking of a motor vehicle;

-Adrian Grubbs, possession of a controlled substance with intent, firearm enhancement;

- Cody Scott Hall, two counts of attempted grand larceny and burglary of a vehicle;

-Alexis Danielle Nichols, possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility;

-Nigel Garner, sale of a stolen firearm;

-Parker Chase Gassaway, burglary of a dwelling-larceny;

-Devon Roy Adam, two counts of sale of meth;

-Miktavioius R. White, attempted burglary of a building and two counts of burglary of a building;

-Kaleb Andrew Heard, attempted burglary of a building and two counts of burglary of a building;

-Tadarious Keyshawn McIntosh, attempted burglary of a building and two counts of burglary of a building;

-Bobby Jean Berry, felony fleeing and DUI fourth;

-Lauren Ashley Marberry, false pretense;

-Devon Roy Adams, possession with intent of a schedule IV substance;

-Julie Dianne Johnsey, credit card fraud;

-Gary Blake Cox, child abuse;

-Donovan Lyn Exson, possession of meth;

-Lenoir D. Thornton, armed robbery;

-Austin Wayne Loyd, possession of meth;

-Kaleb Andrew Heard, burglary of building;

-Tadarious Keyshawn McIntosh, burglary of a building;

-Miktavious R. White, burglary of a building;

-Demond Moncrief, felon with a weapon;

-Mark Cade Holloway, felon with a weapon-habitual;

-Beverly Elaine Carter, child endangerment-test positive for a controlled substance;

-Steven Carroll Tetleton, child endangerment-test positive for a controlled substance-habitual;

-Charity Elizabeth Ferguson, three counts of child abuse-drug sale and possession of meth;

-Charity Elizabeth Ferguson, possession of meth and child abuse-drug sale;

-Penny Lane Holloway, two counts of credit card fraud;

-Nigel James Garner, credit card fraud;

-Mario Andretti Steward, receiving stolen property;

-Richard Thomas Johnson, four counts of sale of meth;

-Roberto Romeo, aggravated trafficking meth, possession of cocaine with intent, possession of marijuana with intent-gun enhancement; 

-Gregory Edward Cassatt, aggravated domestic violence-strangulation;

-Darrin Sean Fowler, malicious mischief;

-Saxton Lavonte Pinson, possession of cocaine;

-Heather Nicole Schmidt, possession of hydrocodone;

-Danny Ray Smith, sale of meth; sale of meth-proximity enhancement;

-Robert Mitch Pratt, possession of meth;

-Marla Joy Sherrill, possession of meth;

-Antonio Cortez Shannon, possession of marijuana with intent;

-Michael Shay Pate, possession of meth;

-Gary Sean Hopkins, burglary of a building and grand larceny;

-Michael Rayshawn Montgomery, kidnapping;

-Alan Charles Baucom, sexual battery-under 14, and four counts of fondling;

-Gary Blake Cox, sexual battery-under 16;

-Sydni Alexondra Henry, two counts of contributing delinquency/neglect of a child;

-Steve Merel Harper, felon with a weapon;

-Joseph Calvin Montgomery, grand larceny, felon with a weapon;

-Jennifer Lynn Smith, burglary of a dwelling-larceny; receiving stolen property;

-Jason Lee Doss, two counts of arson. 

In another court matter, defendant Shawn Michael Harville pled guilty on May 22 to charges of felony aggravated domestic violence and felon in possession of a firearm.

On the domestic violence charge Harville was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but was credited for time served and the balance suspended. He was placed on five years post release supervision.

Harville was fined $1,000 and ordered to pay $434.50 court costs and $500 in fees. 

On the firearm charge, Harville was sentenced to a 10 years suspended prison term, which would run consecutively to the other charge. 

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