Each year we publish a page or pages of the photos of grandchildren from Grandparents wishing them a Happy Valentine.

To tell the truth, this is an opportunity for Grandparents to show off their grandchildren.

As a parent, I was always wanted to take my son everywhere I went. I wanted everyone to see what a precious son I had.

That has not changed, I am so proud to introduce him to anyone I can.

As proud as I am of my son, there is something different when it comes to the grandchildren.

My grandson, Sawyer, has been the light of my life for the past seven years, he is funny and so very interesting to talk to. He is so insightful for such a young boy.

My granddaughter, Millie, is no surprise, the cutest baby on earth. We celebrated her first birthday over the weekend and that little girl steals my heart.

She had a very eventful week. She took her first steps on Monday evening. I am extremely grateful that my son and daughter-in-law take videos and send to me so I can share in the joy of watching those first in her life.

Her actual birthday was Wednesday, and everyone made sure she was queen for the day. The babysitter, Ms. Marie, took photos of her birthday pancakes and sent to all of us.

My mother always told me, “you can never know how much I love you until you have a child of your own.” She also told me that grandchildren were something different and something special that is hard to describe.

I now know what she meant by that.

Grandchildren hold a special place in a grandparent’s heart.

Don’t miss your opportunity to show off your grandchild in the Grandparents lil’ Valentine pages. Deadline is Thursday, February, 6 at 5:00 p.m.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s grandchildren in the February 12 edition.

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