This year in the midst of the pandemic, Mother’s Day may look a little different than in years past.

As I write this column, my son and his family plan on visiting Mother’s Day, but still to be determined as to how close we will be.

I am a hugger and all this has really cramped my style.

I miss hugging and loving on my grandchildren more than I could have ever imagined.

The last time Sawyer spent the night with me was the week before spring break and as we were going to sleep, I had moved over in the bed and in the sweetest voice, said, “I like it when you cuddle me”. I don’t have words for the feeling those few words gave me. I feel asleep cuddling that sweet little boy. I have missed those sweet cuddles.

Millie being 15 months old, changes and learns new things daily. I feel like I have missed so much. Each time we FaceTime, she can say more words and has learned so many new things.

I live a short thirty minutes away from my children and grandchildren, and am blessed to have be able to see them every week before this COVID-19 took over our lives.

I now understand how my mother felt when I had a child and live six hours away. She didn’t get to see her grandson but about every three to four months. At that time we didn’t have FaceTime for her to be able to see him like I can with my grandchildren. I would mail her photos of him and tell her about the new things he was learning to do.

A mother learns how to be a part of their child and grandchild’s life no matter how far apart or what pandemic comes around.

A mother loves with all her heart and aches to hold them in her arms, no matter if they are 39 or 15 months.

I remember how my mother’s hugs always made me feel that things would be OK, even as an adult.

I am so happy and blessed to be a mother and a grandmother.

I love you all so very much and can’t wait until the day I can wrap my arms around the whole family again.

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