Me and Ms Libba Cook

Cardinal Lady and Ms. Libba Cook taken at Progress Birthday party February 28, 2019 when the newspaper turned 90 years old.

If I could ask God for the energy of any one person it would be to have the energy of Miss Libba Cook. Now for those of you who don’t know her, she was married to the former owner/editor of the Pontotoc Progress, Mr. Bob Cook. 

I call her Miss Libba because I just can’t say Libba. That’s just not good manners because she is a day or two older than I am. While I could never keep up with her, I can always keep up with how old she is because she was born the year this newspaper was established. 

In the years since I’ve known her I’ve watched her pick up big boxes of papers and envelopes and deliver them to us. She helped her late son Russell run his print shop. She was the delivery girl.

She helped at the newspaper before her husband sold it in December of 1985.

But even more important than all that I love Miss Libba because she considers me a friend. Any time we see each other, we share a hug and conversation.

Years ago Miss Libba and her dear son, Russell, gave me a cat from one of the litters at their printing shop. She was a beautiful calico that I Callie.

Callie had a long and wonderful life at my house and died peacefully back in 2016, just days after Miss Libba’s birthday.

Miss Libba came to our ninetieth birthday party for the Progress this past February and she let me pause and get a picture with her.

My favorite memory with this dear lady was made last March when she invited me to her house for tea.

Her well appointed table was set with beautiful butterfly plates and cups and saucers.  She gave me a beautiful cup that has butterflies on it to carry home so I would remember our sweet time together. She also gave me a little spoon to use. “I keep these spoons here,” she said as she stirred the spoons in a little container that was on the lovely  dark mahogany colored side board.

She gave me a rare tour into her family history and shared pictures of days gone by with me. We had a wonderful chat about the old homes that were around when she was a little girl and where she grew up. I loved my time immensely. It was the best tea time I’ve had.

And through these months I’ve often drank my tea out of the cup she gave me and reveled in the memories. So if you see Miss Libba Cook tomorrow, September 19, please wish her a happy 90 years on this earth. Love you dear lady!

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