If you’re a girl, would you like to be a boy?

If you’re a boy, would you like to be a girl?

The answers from some 7th graders may surprise you.

My wife once used that thought with some 7th grade English classes she taught.

She asked boys to write a paragraph on why they would or wouldn’t want to be girls, and asked the girls to write a paragraph on why they would or wouldn’t want to be boys.

Overall, most girls wrote that they wouldn’t mind being boys. Boys, however, didn’t have much use for being girls.

Among the reasons the girls put forth for being boys:

--No curling irons or makeup.

--“Wouldn’t have to fix my hair.” (The girls apparently have never seen a young man preening before he goes to school or on a date.)

--“Wouldn’t have to worry about clothes that match.” (See above comment.)

--“Wouldn’t have to clean the house, just the yard.”

--“Wouldn’t have to spend about 10 hours getting ready for a date.” (See previous comment re preening.)

--“Would get to go to parties.” (Girls don’t go to parties? Since when?)

--“Wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant or having monthly periods.” (Boys worry about girls getting pregnant, especially when they think they’ll be the groom at a shotgun wedding. Boys worry about having periods too. They really worry when she doesn’t.)

--“Babysitting would be out of the question.”

--“Their mothers would clean up their room for them.”

On balance, most girls agreed with a statement one of them wrote: “I’d love to be a boy, but maybe not for life.”

The boys couldn’t find much good about being a girl. Sample comments:

--“You’d have to go to a definite place to go to the bathroom.” (This youngster apparently isn’t selective about where he does his business.)

--“As a girl, I’d have to diet even though I exercise.”

--“Being a girl would be terrible. I couldn’t play ball or hunt or fish or ride motorcycles.” (Girls don’t do those things? That’s news to me and probably to all the girls that do them.)

--“Girls always stuff their closets full of clothes and sometimes don’t wear half of them.” (And boys don’t?)

--“Being a girl would be a total disaster. I would have to get up at 4 a.m. to do my hair and make-up. I would worry about my weight. I would hate being a girl.”

--“Being a girl might be OK. “ (That certainly covers most of the possibilities.)

How about you? Would you like to change your sex to either of the major ones, or one of the off-brands…?

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