The anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday week was the one thought on everyone’s minds at our home as we planned the menu following Sunday dinner for the day of deer hunting at Little Kettle Creek Camp.  It was like a smorgasbord of family favorites as the ‘grandarlins’ put in their thoughts on the must have foods as well as desserts.  Then we assign food items for each family that attends to bring.  Ditto for the Christmas holiday menu as well, but a second day of gathering has our bunch requesting rib eye steaks on the grill as the traditional fare has become overworked as they go from one family gathering to another.  This year our thoughts also continued to dwell on the pandemic as we made plans with the expectation that if everyone was well that we would carry on with our traditional days of fun, of food, and of festivities including fireworks for Christmas and the New Year parties.  Every true Southern household knows that there is nothing like the sound of fireworks to conclude an evening’s dinner.  Prayerfully, let the holidays begin next week for those in Hurricane and the surrounding neighborhoods as the unknown factor of the pandemic continues to keeps our normal routines to a minimum schedule of events. 

There is a new look of improvement for the customers at Bullard’s Grocery in Hurricane as the parking lot was paved completely last week.  This store is the hub of commerce now in the community. 

Get-well wishes are to the following:  Lawrence Hicks, Bobby Joe Todd, James Wray, Greta Logan, Pepper Kent Montgomery, Shannon Montgomery, Susanne Wade, Quinn Quillian,  and Mitchell Dyer. 

Kay Graham of Hurricane reported that her granddaughter, Lacie Kay Simmons, the daughter of Stacy and Amanda, hit the winning run to go for the right to play in the finals and also made the headlines with this hit in the World Series Championship Series of softball that was played in Birmingham, Alabama, last weekend.  Another young lady with ties to Hurricane community that played in this game was Lillianna Cates of Mantachie, the daughter of Dean and Scarlett Cates.  Her great-grandmother, Linda Swords Stepp, is a former resident of the community, and her grandparents are Lanny and Deb S. Adams, also of Mantachie.  At the series end, the team placed second.  

Colt and Braxton Hooker hunted enjoyed a deer hunt with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters in Kentucky and were successful.  Rio, the tracking dog, also got to display his skills during the hunt as he was successful with several finds.  Late Sunday afternoon, Kate-Kate, a dog who stayed at home, was called to Lafayette County for a deer find for a local hunter. 

A new business on Hwy. 346 near Horton Baptist Church is that of Owen Powersports, an ATV repair shop.  Owners are Mike Owen(Gina) and their children, Haley and Case, and their older son, Chase Owen(Laken) and their son, Cannon.  So check out their new location on Hurricane Road.   

Vouchers for fans are a must for sports events now.  I am calling everybody that I know for West Union or New Site fan basketball game vouchers.  I have had to listen to New Site via Safari or Google 96.3the this year as they have such a great fan base as well as West Union.  It is a sign of the times due to the pandemic as Sophie Hooker is a senior at West Union, and Aden Hooker is a junior at New Site.  By the way, Sophie is a senior maid at the West Union basketball homecoming on November 17, and I can go.  They play New Albany following the homecoming ceremony.  

Best wishes are to Lou Russell Gaston as she recently moved to Calhoun City to reside next door to her daughter, Susanne Wade(Barney) and their family.  Lou is a retired teacher from NPAC, and also Lou is a board member for the Hurricane Community Center as she has been instrumental in the fund raising for many of the building improvements and lawn upkeep.  

Cody, Hayden and Jett Lorick have purchased the former home of Lou Gaston(the late Cap Gaston)on Hwy. 336 west.  

The children of Hurricane Baptist enjoyed a harvest hayride on November 1 in the community.  At the community center, the lawn was covered with tarps.  On the tarps, there was a bounty of candy; so the little ones enjoyed the dash for the candy as they had sacks to gather the bounty.  Pizza, cokes, and cupcakes were the featured menu at the fellowship hall for the group.  This was a great night for the youngsters and also for the young-at-heart as well who served as chaperones.     

It was nice to touch base with the West Union fans at the NPAC-West Union opener for the girls’ teams only was played on November 3.  Ann Haynie(Steve) greeted us at the entrance to the stands as they always attend.  Nee Ann Robbins attended Hurricane through grades 3 at Hurricane Elementary, and her sister, Sara R. Conlee(Joseph) attended through first grade.  When the new school was built at West Union, their home was officially in Union County; so the girls transferred there.  So they still have former childhood friends from Hurricane that keep up with the Haynie and the Conlee athletes currently. 

Some of the ranches that we toured while in Colorado for a mule deer hunt were the following:  Maytag Mountain Ranch, Trails End, Rusk Ranch, Wolf Springs Ranch(Navajo), a buffalo ranch, and Canterbury’s Howard’s Creek, and Hillside, a mountain community.  Graden had a successful hunt bagging a trophy mule deer.  I enjoyed the shops in Salida, West Cliffe, and Cotopaxi as I was on the turquoise and silver trail for the granddaughters, who put in their orders via text during the 1,283 miles journeying there.  The backdrop of the majestic Rockies covered in snow, and the headwaters of the Arkansas River swiftly running by Howard, Colorado, added to the western feel of grandeur.  The game of the region featured elk, mule deer, mountain lion, big horn sheep, turkey, and trout.  Campers, motels, hotels, and cabins were at a premium as hunters from all America were there for the game hunt.  Names like Custer, Fremont, Kit Carson, and Raton Pass in New Mexico added to the historical backdrop.  As Papa would have said, “It’s a big world out there, Mama!”      

Gloria Canterbury, 86, of Howard, Colorado, the guide’s mother, bagged a mule deer on opening morning near her mountain home as she got tired of waiting for Bill to come by to take her.  She called her younger son, Tim, to take her hunting early and bagged a deer before the outfitter’s group scored.

Graden and I stopped by Colorado City, Texas, too say hello to Steve and Debbie Graham as we sat outside on their patio to talk due to Covid.  Roger and Dayla Graham of Sweetwater, Texas, were in Midland due to their daughter, Jordan, and her husband, Wesley Van Roeder, who had bought a new home there.  The Grahams were helping them move to their new location. 

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