2020 began a new decade for residents in Hurricane as the record rainfall of over 79 inches for 2019 kept most of the farms behind their harvest schedules.  A soggy landscape is still apparent as the New Year also brought several inches of rainfall to the community.  The weekend had clear weather, and it is a bright day of sunshine on Monday, January 6, as the week ahead for our families has a full schedule of basketball games for the older two ‘grandarlins’ as the Prentiss County Tournament is on tap for Aden at NEMCC for New Site High (18-1), and two division games are on tap for Sophie at West Union High (4-0) with one away game locally and one home game.  We rotate every other game with the girls; so this week will be one of traveling for family members that has four generations attending and enjoying the games from Hurricane.  By the way, the family made it through the game at South Pontotoc Tournament where the girls competed against each other.  Yes, that was our family moving at half time, as we sat two quarters on the West Union side, and then we sat the last two quarters on the New Site side.  A photo session completed the event.    

Birthday wishes are to the following for January:  Bobbie Hale, Shirley Dowdy, Danny Owen, Jaden Ezell, Vickie Dyer, Faye Dillard, Sallie Bee Weeden, Phil Robbins, Phillip Robbins, Greta Logan, Hannah Logan, Ashley Logan, Kurt Thompson, Frances Sneed, Chipper Hicks, Mike Spears, Kathy Montgomery, and Nelda Morgan.

Get-well wishes are to Ladurl Grisham, Ted Graham, Brenda Bullard, Annette Smith, Bro. Phillip Logan, Faith Tate, and Dewitt Stepp.

Annie Self celebrated her third birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed party at her home on Thaxton Road hosted by her parents, Ashley and Justin Self, whose new home was beautifully decorated for the Christmas holiday season.  Representing the fourth generation of her family were her great-grandmothers, Carolyn Carnes of Sand Springs, and Brenda Berryhill of New Albany.   Grandparents attending were the following:  Steve and Beth Berryhill of Hurricane and Joey and Tina Self of Turnpike.

Carolyn Carnes hosted her family, Howard Carnes(Shelly), Beth Berryhill(Steve), and Steve Carnes, and their families, on Christmas Eve and again on New Year’s Day with the traditional New Year’s  foods served to begin the new year.

Kay R. Graham traveled to Madison on Christmas Day to visit Rick and Pat Richardson and their twin daughters, Karen Golden(Chad), and their daughters, Micha and Grace; and Kristen Burnett(Bill) formerly  of Bruce, and son, Timothy, of Tupelo. 

Jim and Betty Pierce began their after Christmas Day journey to Tucson, Arizona, to their winter home.  The snow birds of Ohio logged 2,250 miles across the Midwest to the Old West town known for its winter sunshine.  Most of the journey follows the old Route 66 that was a two-lane road in its heyday.  Now a lot of the route is covered by interstate highways.  They stopped in Elk City, Oklahoma, to eat BBQ ribs at the Rib Cage as we hunt in nearby Sayre during the spring turkey season.  We have plans to rendezvous in April in Oklahoma as they return to Ohio around Easter. 

Dr. Bill and Melissa Norwood of Murphreesboro, Tennessee, enjoyed an early December trip to Montana to visit their son, Jared Norwood, as he teaches classes at the university there.  They were glad to return to Nashville as it was extremely cold in Montana.  Their other son, Matt Norwood, resides in Nashville as he works at the Country Music Hall of Fame, which is an amazing facility to tour.  Bill and his cousin, Terry Norwood of Rocky Ford, recently celebrated birthdays.  I’m so glad that I am younger than these cousins as an old photo in the Pontotoc Progress Christmas edition featured the family in 1956.   

A.M. Norwood, Jr., and his wife, Shelia, of Pontotoc attended the WU-NPAC basketball game on January 3 with our family. He enjoyed connecting with the West Union fans as his dad, the late A.M. Norwood, Sr., was the basketball coach there from 1962-67 as he established a winning program at the then new school.  The Norwoods also had news of a new family descendant that was born in France on December 1, Caroline Constance Furr, the daughter of his grandson, Paul Furr, and his wife, Rachel, as Paul works for ExXon in Europe.  Proud grandparents from Pontotoc are Mark and Anna Norwood Furr.  

The granddaughters, Aden, bagged a 5 pt. buck at Shady Oaks Farm; and Ella Kate, bagged a 9 pt. buck at Lafayette Springs; during the Christmas holiday break and are ahead of the guys’ limits that hunt in our family.  Aden told Graden that she only needed one shell during her Thanksgiving and Christmas hunts; it was prophetic for the one shot-- a sure shot!

Caroline, Stephen, Autumn, and Asher Brents enjoyed a vacation to Chattanooga following the Christmas Day breakfast at Gram’s on Cane Creek.  Freida Browning traveled with the Brents’ family to the Lookout Mountain town that was beautifully decorated for the season and stayed at Bode Hotel.  While there, the youngsters also enjoyed the Science Museum and Aquarium as they got to play in the water with protective raingear and catch whatever came down their river run plus the view of the fish in the aquarium kept them glued to the tank walls.  

Cade, Maggie, Ella, and Sophie Hooker of Hurricane, Ryder Willard, and Lisa, Wilkes, and Anna Reese Bradham of Oxford enjoyed snow skiing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, during the school holiday break.   

Braxton and I traveled to Biloxi to attend the Biloxi Classic Basketball Tournament as his older sibling, Aden, is a sophomore with the New Site team.  We also enjoyed our stay at the Margaritaville Resort on the beautiful, Mississippi Sound from December 26-9.  While there, we talked to Pontotoc Coach Wanda Austin and saw several of the Pontotoc players, including Jayden Spears of Pontotioc, as well as those from other North Mississippi towns.  The New Site team completed the first semester of play with an 18-1 record and a No. 4 rating in the Daily Journal.   Family members from New Site that attended were the following:  Bridget Barron(Marty), Nick and Diane Cartwright, Sarah Stephens, Patilda Maness, and Johna Kate Lindley, her younger sister.  While there, Nick and Dianne, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on December 28.  Then the Cartwrights and the Barrons treated Aden and Johna Kate to shopping in NOLA following the games.   By the way, you can listen live to the New Site games on your cell phone at 935thebee.com or on FM radio channels 102.9 0r 96.7, both Booneville stations as the broadcasts vary according to Prentiss county play.

The revolving screen door(it’s cold too)at the deer camp in Lafayette Springs has been in constant motion since the December school holiday began.  Our holiday cookout on Christmas Day is always a break from the turkey and the ham, the traditional holiday meal, as ribeye steaks were on the menu.  I enjoy this meal as it is one that the entire family eats as opposed to other choices that require additional foods prepared for the picky eaters.  Yes, I know, from my youth the rule was if it’s on the table, you can either eat it, or you can go to bed hungry.   I know that’s the way it was fifty years ago, but I can bend the rules now as I’m the best Googoo ever as described by my grandson, Braxton, during an evening prayer recently in Biloxi. ‘Nuf’ said.        

 Herb Montgomery of Oxford brought an Ole Miss Santa to Faye Dillard as a Christmas gift as it was decorated in Ole Miss red and blue and had varied team witticisms painted on the Santa’s clothing.

Dr.  Chuck Harding and his wife, Jo, of Washington, D.C., were at Hurricane Baptist on January 5, 2020, for the morning and the evening services on January 5.  Bro. Chuck serves as a Baptist missionary to the U.S. Capitol.  The congregation enjoyed his sermons, and also his DVD presentation of his mission in D.C.  A church fellowship meal had Dr. Harding taking photos of the food tables to show those back at his home the best of Southern hospitality presented by Hurricane cooks.  Also our church has a new building on back that has four suites of rooms for guests in what is known as the Prophet’s Chamber as the Hardings were impressed with their lodging.  Next door is the safe room that was built for the ever present tornado season threat in North Mississippi.  

Bear Graham of Colorado City, Texas, celebrated his second birthday in December as he is the grandson of Steve and Debbie Graham.  We visit them each year to hunt or to attend the Warren-Graham Reunion.  It’s so great to see Facebook or text messages of their grandchildren as we share weekly.  One of last week’s text messages had a black bear at a game feeder in Mitchell County, Texas.  Two weeks ago it was a big bobcat feeding, and the week before, it was a photo of a wild boar.  And I thought that all I had to worry about when visiting the Noel Farm was the rattlesnakes!   

The Grand Prize winners of the Christmas holiday and lighting decorations in Hurricane are the following:  Best Overall, Karen and Barry McLaughlin on Hwy. 346 near McLaughlin Road with an antique Ford truck in red and white; Senior Citizen Honorable mentions, Dock and Reba Graham, Hwy. 346 east; Jo Lane Warren, Hwy. 346 near Sand Springs; Lou Gaston, Hwy.336 near Lafayette County; and Glenda Coker, Shady Grove Road; Simplicity Award, Tonya Montgomery Gapp, Hwy. 346 at Sand Springs, as white lights for the background on a wooden fence and simply said, “Merry Christmas” in red and green lighting.  Honorable mentions, Betty and Steve Stubblefield, Hwy. 346; lights and an old farm tractor and fences. Everyone knows that Betty is our community’s decorator for all events and also has a shop; so that commercial aspect has to be considered; Bradley and Kathy Montgomery, Hwy. 346 west; and Larry and Clarenda Parrish, Hwy. 346 west.

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