The Fourth of July holiday is always a wakeup call for residents of Hurricane to acknowledge that summer is really here as the official dog days of summer begin on July 3 and end on August 3.  A variety of activities will be held in the neighborhood as families will host barbecues, swimming and lake gatherings, and homemade ice cream parties on their shady and neatly mown lawns.  Many will celebrate with fireworks at the day’s end of festivities.  It’s great to be an American as I am most thankful for our nation’s heritage as the “land of the free and the home of the brave”!  

Twins, Jake and Ryder Leath, celebrated their ninth birthday on June 18.  They are the sons of Anthony and Brandie Leath and the grandsons of Chipper and Debra Hicks of Hurricane.  

Get-well wishes are to the following:  Mike Spears, Charles White, Larue Hill, Carson Waldron, and Frances Sneed.  

Colt and Braxton Hooker have had a busy June as they have been serving as guides in several states for the ‘hand fishing’ outings on lakes and on rivers nearby.  A new posting has Hooker’s Handfishing Outfitters featured with guests being picked up for a day’s adventure at regional and international airports.  What we take for granted as Southerners, city folks will enjoy as a weekend vacation to experience the sport.  

Graden , Sophie, and I traveled to Memphis for a medical appointment.  We went to our favorite shopping center and restaurant, but this Tennessee town was almost deserted.  We returned via Oxford for last minute shopping at Belk.  It was the same scenario with no shoppers out in that town either due to the pandemic.  

I enjoyed a call from Donna Barefield recently of Ripley as she is the daughter of the late Charlie and Margaret Hale of Hurricane.  Grandchildren are a usual topic as well as we play several quarters of basketball as she was an All- Star guard during our playing days at Hurricane High that concluded in 1971.  We enjoyed a ‘charmed’ childhood in Hurricane covering the 1950’-1970’s.  A favorite photo from the ‘50’s is one that has us playing on a quilt as toddlers; so our families have been connected since Pontotoc County’s early days.  Our parents, her late dad, Charlie Hale, and my late mom, nee Sis Graham, also graduated from high school the same year in 1944.  It’s always nice to hear from old friends from Hurricane.

On June 21, 1955, Faye and the late Roy Dillard were married at the old parsonage at Hurricane Baptist by Bro. Jake Grubbs.  Our families stood on the front porch for the ceremony, and the kids got to peek through the window.  65 years have passed since that time, but we enjoyed talking about the day.  A couple from Bethel was visiting the Grubbs', and they stayed even though the man was barefoot.  Times were simple then as the couples often rode around the neighborhood until they found an available preacher.  Fast forward 39 years to Hurricane Baptist as Freida and the late Don Browning were married on June 18, 1981, at the old Hurricane Baptist Church by Bro. Doug Jones.  Faye and her niece enjoyed talking about the June ceremonies in Hurricane.

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