As mid-September approaches, the thought of that first, full moon that will coincide with autumn officially on the calendar on the twenty-second will be the traditional “harvest” moon that will light up the rural countryside in Hurricane. Our First Americans that inhabited the Mud Creek neighborhoods called this the “full corn” moon as they knew that it was time to gather the crops during the days of the season that is often called “Indian summer” in the Hill Country of North Mississippi. By the way, on August 31 a “blue moon” occurred as it was the fourth full moon of the summer season. Then I read that we had survived the hottest summer on record in America. Yes, we actually beat in 2021 the infamous summer heat of 1936 during the “Great Depression” that made our American history books as large portions of farmland in the Midwest blew away due to the drought. The “Dust Bowl” as it would become known saw another migration west of hard-working folks

move to California for economic prosperity. So with the tropical depressions churning up the Gulf of Mexico currently, weather is always a subject to talk about as it is of utmost importance to the farms and the businesses in old Esperanza.

Get-well wishes are to the following: Glenda Hale, Jennie Oglesby, Juanita Daniels, Chet Hicks, Linda Willard, Reba Graham, Bro. Philip Logan, Jean Logan, Tommy Williams, Annette Smith, and Bob Gardener.

Birthday wishes are to the following for September: Selena McGregor, Jala Ross, Bro. Greg Hill, Gayle Tate, Sarah Grace Simmons, Lacie Kay Simmons, James Lynch, Sis Dorrough,

Renee Stepp, Regina W. Tutor, and Walter Cook.

James Lynch celebrated his second birthday on September 9 with his parents, Jessica and Jay, of Oxford, who hosted a “Monster Truck” party. He is the grandson of Lynn and Nellie Robbins of Hurricane and is the great-grandson of Larue Hill of Shady Grove. His first cousin, Charlie Carpenter Robbins,3, also of Oxford, the son of Nathan and Abigail Robbins, attended. Recently, the grandsons attended Hurricane Baptist Church with Lynn and Nellie.

It was great to talk with Charlotte Flaherty of Ecru, who is a retired teacher from NPAC. She was taking her daughter, Scottie Hancock, to lunch for her birthday on September 1.

Enjoying a Labor Day cookout at our Shady Oaks Farm were the following: Michael, Marti, Starlyn, Morgan, Georgia, Gradi, and twins, Bella and Cotton Young, New Albany; Colt, Brooke, Harper, and Braxton Hooker, Susan and Graden Hooker, Hayden Hale, and Faye Dillard. Actually, Faye and I dined at Cracker Barrel in New Albany as it was cooler there.

Anniversary milestones are to the following couples: Luther and Lori Hooker Webb,34, in September and to John and Cindi Hooker Webb,34, in October. Recently Luther and Lori moved to Ingomar to live closer to their ‘grandarlins’ , Maddie and Kynlee, who are the twins of Ryne and Emily W. Stanford. Great-grandmother is Teresa Pitts Hooker(the late Larry)of Thaxton.

Faye Dillard enjoyed birthday cake with Betty Howard of Pontotoc on September 11 as she was 94. While there, Faye enjoyed talking to her grandchildren, Elizabeth Howard of Nashville and her brother, Barker Howard, of Germantown, TN. They are the children of Bill Howard, Jr., also of Germantown, who had been there on Friday. Bob, Anna West, and Robert Howard were there for dinner on Friday also. Mrs. Betty is the widow of Dr. Bill Howard, Sr., of Pontotoc and is a treasured family friend.

Mary-Colston Warren is a freshman at Ole Miss and is a member of the band. Attending the first home game of the football season on Saturday were Phil, Stephenie, and Gracie Warren of Hurricane. The festivities started in The Grove at noon.

We try to keep in touch with our older granddaughters as Sophie Hooker of Ole Miss joined us for dinner at Tallahatchie Gourmet in New Albany on Labor Day weekend and prior to that we met Aden Hooker, a senior basketball player at New Site, in Booneville for dinner at Vera Cruz Mexican Restaurant. All were at our home this past weekend for Sunday breakfast and dinner as well. I often say that we should have a revolving door at the house or at the cabin during the upcoming hunting season as they are busy with the bird or deer hunting or shooting skeet. Then we started off our Monday morning with an appointment at BMH-UC for me, and during this time Graden had to check out Ella Kate at West Union with an ankle injury in basketball. EK had to have x-rays at Meg Med in New Albany. Two weeks ago Braxton had a football injury, but he is back to playing this afternoon. Anna Reese was released last Thursday at LeBonheur as she had a neck injury in July that required massive doses of antibiotics, and it literally took several villages and the inhabitants therein to cajole her into taking the medicines. All is well now; so with 8 grandchildren from 8-18, we can keep several clinics busy according to the season in sports. Maggie and Anna Reese are playing fall softball, and Harper is in basketball at NPAC; so our calendar is marked for several months for rotation of our attendance. Life is good, but sometimes we have to juggle schedules to please the ‘grandarlins’. Then Wilkes will have a season later in the year, but he attends the games of the others currently. Don’t even ask or think about the homework or the virtual classes as this is an entirely different schedule rotation.

Clarenda and Larry Parrish joined the NPAC tailgating crew in Ecru on Friday night at Viking field.

Kay Graham of Sand Springs is another grandmother that juggles schedules as Kelsey Haney of Pontotoc High is a senior cheerleader for the Pontotoc Warriors football team. Then Lacie Kay Simmons of NPAC plays travel softball and is also a Lady Viking softball standout, and her older sister, Sarah Grace Simmons, celebrates her 19th birthday this month and is on full academic scholarship to MSU and was home for the weekend. The eldest of the grandchildren is Joseph Haney, who is an Ole Miss graduate, and also a young pilot that aspires to be a commercial airline pilot as well.

Check out the fall schedule for the Wise Family Farm or the sign at the corner of Hwy. 346/Shady Grove Roads as the venue is on tap for a late September opening. A corn maze, sunflowers, watermelons, and later in October, pumpkins will be available. On the lawn of James and Peggy Hall across from the venue, they have a tent where they are selling tomatoes. Also at the venue, Carrie Belle’s Sweet Shop features a variety of ice creams. So check out this family farm for old-fashioned hospitality, farm produce, games, and entertainment weekly. You can also rent for birthdays, reunions, or other gatherings at the farm.

Some of those out and about at Coffey’s Fish and Steak on Hwy. 30 on Saturday night that we enjoyed talking to were Glenn and Patsy J. Williams of Lafayette Springs and Billy Joe and Sylvia Massey of the Cane Creek Road North neighborhood near Turnpike.

Watch your lawns, pastures, crops, and flowers closely as there is a real threat from Army worms in the tri-county area of Pontotoc, Union, and Lafayette. I noticed some plants with stems cut off and dismissed it. Then a spot of Bermuda turf turned brown; so that second look a week later turned out to be an infestation that required spraying for the aggressive worms.

There will be the annual I Surrender All Tent Ministries Fall Revival through this Friday, September 17, on the vacant lot by Bullard’s Grocery on Hwy. 346 in Hurricane nightly featuring Bro. Barry Spears as the guest evangelist. Contact Bro. Mike Warren for additional information.

Bro. Kerry Nelson and Bro. Josh Adams have been volunteering their time, supplies, and efforts for recovery in the Livingston, Louisiana neighborhoods due to the devastation of the area by Hurricane Ida. They were cooking for the linemen who were repairing the electrical hookups. Hats off to these young men and to their families for helping during this natural disaster!

A very special lady will be celebrating her 98th birthday in the Pleasant Dale community this month, Mrs. Quinn Russell Quillian, the widow of James Quillian. She is the mom of Oweda, Berlon, Tommy, and Lynn and is also a good neighbor to all throughout the years. She is a graduate of the Class of 1943 of Hurricane High. Hurricane loves you ‘Miss’ Quinn!

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