It’s that blah time of year as winter seems to just hinder all those travel plans in Hurricane as well as those extra pounds from the holiday seasons are making that exercise program futile on the Tanglefoot Trail.  That great philosopher Dagwood Bumstead was relating to his office buddies last week that it was only 322 days until Thanksgiving Day 2020; so he was going on a diet until then.  Folks, it is National Pie Day on January 19; so give that special pie recipe that you make one more chance.  Just tell Pogo, another great philosopher from the funny papers, all your problems about the diet that is looming in your life for the New Year.

There will be a potluck luncheon at Pleasant Dale Baptist Church on Thursday, January 19, at noon for the Senior Saints plus the program will begin at 10:30 a.m. with the featured Gospel vocalist Pam Gardner of Tupelo presenting the special music.  A cordial invitation ix extended by Bro. Don Sparks and the congregation to join them on this date. See you there!

The building program at Pleasant Dale Baptist Church has been completed with a foyer and addition to the sanctuary as the past four months the services have worked around the construction.  Bro. Don Sparks is the pastor.  

Get-well to Dock Graham, Teresa Logan, Dewitt Stepp, Mary R. Swords, Annette Smith, Ted Graham, Shelia Owen, and Bro. Gary Pettit.

Pontotoc Republican Chairman Faye Dillard of Pontotoc County and CNP Sue Morrison of Etta attended the swearing-in ceremony of the eight elected State officials of nine on last Thursday in Jackson.  They also attended the January 14 ceremony that inaugurated Governor Tate Reeves.  By the way, Faye will celebrate her 87th birthday on January 27.   

Faye Dillard, Freida Browning, and I attended the inauguration for Governor Tate Reeves in Jackson plus celebrating the ‘aunties’ birthday.

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