Autumn officially begins on Tuesday, September 22; so the neighborhood of Hurricane is enjoying the cooler temperatures and the crisp breezes during the early mornings.  Also the absence of the oppressive humidity is also a plus after the Gulf storms altered our weather patterns.  A whisper of fall is beginning to show in the countryside as the sumac is turning red and a glimpse of yellow can be caught in the timber.  The recent rains are keeping the lawn mowers busy as well as the hay fields are being cut and baled again.  Now it’s time to bake those autumn apple pies and sweet potatoes for the family.  Soon the locals will be cooking off sorghum for molasses, a tradition for Southern breakfast syrup in North Mississippi completed with cathead biscuits and real butter on the farmhouse table.

Congratulations are to Kelsey Haney who was selected as a junior maid on the PHS homecoming court.  She is the daughter of Ray and Kerri G. Haney of Pontotoc and is the granddaughter of Kay Graham of Hurricane. 

Mary-Colston Warren, the daughter of Phil and Stephenie, was featured on senior night with the other band members at the New Albany football game last week.   Her grandmother from Hurricane is Jimmie S. Warren.    

Faye Dillard and I enjoyed lunch from McAlister’s Deli curbside on Saturday.   We enjoyed a drive around town while in New Albany and shopped at Vintage Rose.  Recently the ladies enjoyed a drive-by visit also with Betty Howard of Pontotoc, the widow of Dr. W.B. Howard.  It was a three-way conversation with much laughter at a distance due to the pandemic.  It was nice to get caught up with her sons, Bill, Bob, and Ben, and their families as well.        

Get-well wishes are to the following:  Bro. Lee Graham, Bob Gardner, Danny Williams, and Ronald Sellers.         

Delaine and Barbara Whitehead, who reside on Lone Star Road, celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary in September.  The Whiteheads keep a neat lawn in their neighborhood close to the Union County line.   

 I enjoyed a visit with Sheila Owen at her Byrd’s Creek home and commented that their lawn and shrubs were trimmed to perfection.  Good friends, Mitchell and Jason Dyer, helped Danny with all the lawn work.  I am sure that Shelia and Vickie were in charge of the instructions.  While I was there, I got to talk to Dan and Baker Owen of New Albany via social media.  Baker, 4, is in preschool in New Albany City now.  I enjoyed the conversation as I taught his dad, Dan, at NPAC and told him that Baker was his ‘Mini me’.  

There will soon be a new season as October 1 will usher in the bow hunts for our family at Lafayette Springs or Tywhisky Bottom.  The deer stands have been sprayed for wasps plus other critters have had to find a new home after the windows have been secured.  Trust me when I tell you to always spray with Deep Woods OFF until the first frost occurs.  By the way, fifty years ago, the hunt for deer had just begun again as conservation laws helped the wildlife to become reestablished in surrounding counties.  Sixty years ago, the hunt for deer had to be near the Tallahatchie River Bottom near Bagley Fire Tower and a remote drive for a seven-year-old that became her dad’s shadow as he went into the woods for a still hunt.  A few years later on a hunt to the same neighborhood, yours truly was talked into riding the back of the truck to keep the big, dead deer safe as we drove to Pontotoc for a picture with Mr. Cook at the Progress.  Only a daughter’s devotion to her dad could have made her sit for the photo session too after riding the back of the truck with a new perm for thirty miles.  The tear in the knee of the pants was hardly noticeable.  Life has gone “full circle” for our family as the grandchildren enjoy the same hunting destinations that I did as a child.  Fall is truly here again with the bow hunting season just ahead! 

I received correspondence from Becky Oliver of Eupora, Jan Entrekin of Jackson and Bo Williamson of Oxford, the children of the late Bob and Dotsy Norwood Williamson of Eupora, who graciously shared basketball photos from the collection of their grandfather, the late Coach Arthur Norwood, who was inducted into the Ms Coaches Hall of Fame in 1981 in Jackson.  It was a walk down memory lane as I had seen most of the photos from years past, but there were a few that I could not identify. So take time to document those old basketball teams as most of the players are only a memory now.  

Bill and Melissa Norwood of Murphreesboro, Tennessee, are Titans fans; so I sent an email to get a first hand report of the win and the new season.  I was not disappointed.  These avid fans are now retired, but are still active in their community with volunteer teaching and other endeavors at church.  Just like our own lives in Mississippi, they have had to adapt to the pandemic procedures as well.  They had recently been to Montana to visit their son, Jared Norwood, who teaches at the university.  Their other son, Matthew Norwood, works at the Hall of Fame for Country Music as the museum  now follow a staggered schedule.  Bill is the son of the late Colonel James “Buck Norwood and of Dorrie Busby Norwood, both natives of the Etta or Rocky Ford neighborhood in Union County.  

Braxton Hooker is playing football with the sixth grade team at NPAC.  They had a tie game first, and now they won the second game.  We kept up with the second game via social media; so it was an exciting game.  

Sympathy is extended to the family of Logan Harr, 16, of Booneville, who was a student and a football player at Booneville High.  He was the son of Amelia Harr, a cousin of Brooke.  Bro. Colt, Brooke, Braxton, and Harper Hooker attended the funeral at First Baptist Church in Booneville on Thursday afternoon. 

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