The dogwood trees are in full bloom in Hurricane as well as the wisteria vines are spectacular with their lilac blossoms adding the to the color of the varied greens of the woodlands and in the local bottom landscapes also. The rebirth of the flora in the countryside from Shady Grove to Sand Springs is one that contains the redbud trees in fuchsias, plum and fruit-bearing pear trees in striking whites, and varied colors of the daffodils from the paler whites to golden yellows often blooming at the old home places that are no longer standing. The fluctuating temperatures plus the thunderstorms have the usual weather patterns running the gamut from the 30’s in the early mornings to the higher 70’s in the afternoons. With the early Easter on the calendar on Sunday, April 4, the weather will continue to improve, and the serious gardening and the farming as well will begin in the neighborhoods of the Mud Creek region. It is with a thankful heart that this spring season is to be enjoyed by Christians all over the world as Christ arose! Remember that there will be varied church service times in our neighborhood on Easter Sunday also as sunrise services along with the traditional morning and evening worship times will be offered by local congregations.

There is a community storm shelter located behind the Hurricane Fire Department on Hwy. 346 next door to the old T & T Feed Mill. Behind Hurricane Baptist Church, there is also a new storm shelter. As within our own family, we have the traditional concrete bunker deep in the ground. A more recent addition to our hillside is that of a safe room complete with rebar and concrete blocks at ground level. I’m from the old school of storm house addicts as I prefer the unground bunker due to the memory of the 1972 tornado plus other storms along the way in 1998, 1984, and 2011. So the local tornado watches and warnings are taken seriously in Hurricane! Remember that new tornado siren in Hurricane means business when you hear it sounding as I received a call last week as to what was going on. I thought for a second and then said that means to go to a shelter and gave directions for those locally. Remember that there are new residents; so share your knowledge of the area storm shelters to your new neighbors.

The annual spring revival at Hurricane Baptist Church will begin on April 1 and 2 and on Sunday morning April 4 with Bro. Stacy Pearcy as the guest evangelist. Bro. Philip Brock is the host pastor. On Saturday, April 3, the annual fish fry will be held in the church fellowship hall at 5:30 p.m. Beginning on Sunday night at 6 p.m., there will be a tent revival meeting and service located at the field next to Bullard’s Grocery on Hwy. 346. from April 4-8 with Bro. Pearcy preaching Sunday-Tuesday nights and Bro. Bud Stiltner preaching on Wednesday-Thursday nights with the services beginning at 7:00 p.m. from April 5-8. The special singing for the week will be led by Bro. Josh Adams, and also special music by his family, Amber, Mallory, Jonah and Noah, and special music to be presented by Bro. Stacy Pearcy. For additional information, call Hurricane Baptist Church at 662-489-1481. The address for the church is 7975 Hwy. 346, Pontotoc, MS 38863. A cordial invitation is extended from the congregation.

Birthdays wishes are to the following for April: Dock Graham, Graham Lyons, Jeannette Jones, Jimmie S. Warren, Caroline Brents, Maggie Hooker, Cade Hooker, Colt Hooker, Harper Hooker, Brent Heatherly, Garry Graham, Erika Swords, Melissa Montgomery, Jill Frohn, Ben Stepp, Haley Stewart, Auden Breedlove, Emily Rayburn, Emily Bramlett, Cassie McLaughlin, Michelle Poe, Katie Mercer, Kenneth Warren, Lindy Treadaway, Briley Self, Harold Sneed, Arlissa Sneed, Jeff Williams, Greg Burk, Ellie Hill, and Ramsey Hill.

Anniversary milestones are to the following: to Kenneth and Gloria Warren, 65, to Dr. John and Elaine Mitchell, 52, and to Will and Laura Faust, 10.

Stephanie Breedlove of New Site and Haley Stewart of Pontotoc and their mom, Betty Stubblefield of Hurricane, enjoyed the first day of spring at the home of Helen Stubblefield in Cairo as the granddaughters did some lawn work for Helen.

I enjoyed lunch with Aden Hooker in New Albany last Friday at Tallahatchie Gourmet as well as with her mom, Bridget, and her younger sister, Johnna Kate, all of New Site. Aden was in town to shop at Runway and also for a hair appointment at Illume. After shopping, Aden came to our home for a visit with Graden, Colt, Harper, and Braxton Hooker. Then the ladies and I visited with Faye Dillard at her Duncan Creek home. Her prom is this weekend at New Site High School; so Aden has plans to be back in New Albany this week.

We have new neighbors at Sand Springs as Chuck and Gina Warren have moved into the former home of Margie Warren and of the late Moose Warren.

It was great to see eight-grade student of Pontotoc Junior High, Kelsey Spears, in an action photo with the Pontotoc High Lady Warriors as she plays on the softball team there. Kelsey is the twin of Caden Spears, and they will celebrate their 14 th birthday on March 29 in Pontotoc with their parents, Brent and Dana. They are the grandchildren of Mike and Lynn Spears of Hurricane and the great-grandchildren of Sue Spears.

The last Monday of March on our calendar was a beautiful, sunny day in Hurricane; so hopefully April showers will be sparse. The old adage that April showers bring May flowers is always a common thought in our neighborhood. I’m not complaining anymore about the rain as our West Texas relatives recently had a major sand and wind storm that was a monster. I can’t imagine, but it was compared to a big storm some 30 years ago. Every locale has its weather problems as they had to dig out from the sand. Most of them have solid, wooden fences around their homes due to these sand storms. Can you imagine cleaning out a swimming pool that has become a sand pit? Now enjoy gleaning those last fall leaves from your swimming pool with less complaints! Bring on the sun !

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