The swallows have returned to San Juan Capistrano Mission in California from their winter haven in Argentina, but these birds are undoubtedly kin to our own purple Martins in our Hurricane neighborhood in North Mississippi’s Hill Country as our swallows have a similar migration pattern also to South America and return each spring as well to our local farms. When we first thought of putting up the dried gourds that are painted white and have a round hole cut for their entrance, we visited with “Aunt Pearl Dillard”(who was blessed to live an active community life to the age of 105)to glean ideas for attracting these seasonal birds that are needed to keep the fly and mosquito populations to a minimum outside our home during the warm weather months. Following her best ideas and proven knowledge of the purple Martin migration, we embarked on a seasonal spring journey to attract the natural insect killers to the hillside that is surrounded by a swimming pool, multiple ponds, a lake and a creek to the south that provide insect “fodder for the flying friends”. Now we have a couple of attractive bird condos added to the original gourd nesting areas. Each day near sundown, the birds tend to fly in ever-widening circles and chattering swoops as they travel from one water source to another feeding on the insects. By the way, the original, red-painted homestead barn at the Dillard farm on Duncan Creek is intact and now has become a photo op for the younger generations in Hurricane as this is an “in-thing” in family living photos. These best farmstead practices like keeping the traditional gourd nests in our area will let the swallows naturally reduce our local bug population.

A lot of wind damage and the loss of great oaks and pine trees from Shady Grove to Hurricane and on to Sand Springs and to our sundown turnaround at Lafayette Springs and back home via Thaxton had these communities listening to local weather sirens blaring and to Channel 9 weather reports with tornado warnings on May 9. Our own congregation at Hurricane Baptist during the evening service went to the new storm shelter on the church grounds. Also there were power outages with the Northeast Association that serves the west bank of Mud Creek residents and also the PEPA that serves the east bank residents of the Mud Creek area. The Second District employees were busy on the Thaxton-Cane Creek Roads and neighborhoods removing trees that fell across the local highways. A special thanks to the Hurricane Fire Department that also assisted during this time.

Get-well wishes are to the following: Bro. Philip Logan, Lou Ann Martin, Bill Martin, Kay Graham, June Ezell, Jack Ezell, James Wray, Lawanda Hale, Cooper Rorie, Cooper Hicks, Emma Wray, and Mike Hudson.

Enjoying an outing to Seafood Junction at Algoma on Thursday night were the following: Bro. Greg and Merle Hill, Ron and Lisa Pinelli, and Faye Dillard.

Faye Dillard received flowers as a gift for Mother’s Day from Hunter Fooshee of Pontotoc.

Those ladies that received special recognition for Mother’s Day were as follows at Hurricane Baptist Church: the eldest in attendance, Sue Spears; the youngest in attendance, Brandy Stubblefield; and the one with the most children present, Perri Brock.

We have three seniors from local high schools in the congregation as follows at Hurricane Baptist Church: Mary-Colston Warren, New Albany; Jennifer Chestney, North Pontotoc; and Sophie Hooker, West Union.

Lawn of the month award goes to Ashley and Mandi B. Harrison whose home is on Hwy. 346 in the area known as Baker’s Curve as the red lilies are eye-catching in the flower beds as you drive by with crape myrtles and other shrubbery neatly trimmed. This was the former home of her parents, the late Don and Evelyn Baker of Shady Grove as she recently shared that is the sixth year since their tragic loss in our neighborhood.

One of our good neighbors to the north side of Hwy. 346 had a lawn mower accident on the steep bank in front of his home. Thankfully, Charlie Swords was ok, but the overturned lawn mower was a total loss as it caught fire and burned. The families’ lawns are all well-kept newr Shady Grove as siblings, Ricky and June, live nearby and his son, Brent, and daughter, Christy as well.

We finally made it to Memphis on Sunday afternoon for my annual birthday shopping trip there. Yes, it was in February, but we got behind schedule with the two weeks of ice and snow, then basketball game playoffs, and finally ended the softball season as West Union bowed out of the quarter-finals of the playoffs at Hamilton after a great season for the seniors of 2021, Annie, Eden, Mackenzie, and Sophie, and the other players as well and Coach Lisa Bogue. My favorite restaurant was swamped with diners for Mother’s Day, but still had a great lunch at Hickory Grill. Another surprise was that Macy’s is closed at the Carriage Crossing Shopping area. Oh, well, that’s life and just saved me money.

There is a road detour because of a new bridge being built in the Enterprise Bottom of the Tallahatchie River area in Union County as you drive to Hwy. 30 from Pinedale.

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