When I realized that we were in the waning days of spring in North Mississippi, I also thought about the lack of fireflies as they normally make a green, blinking mass of lights in the pastures surrounding our home. Always a favorite memory of my childhood in Hurricane was when the cousins would visit at Papa Graham’s old house, and we would capture “lightnin’ bugs” on the lawn as they are called in the Deep South. The old folks talked on the front porch during the cool of the evening as we played within the distance of the shining light bulb. We would beg his permission to get into his hammers(ball peen and tack)in the smokehouse nearby as we used them and the nails to make holes in the Mason jar lids; so we could put our bugs into the glass jars. Our kind Mama Graham told us to put green leaves; so the bugs would feel right at home in our bug keeper. In an emergency when the hammers could not be found in the dim smokehouse, we got the ice pick from the kitchen(such a safe utensil for children)to make the air vents. I’m glad that I had not seen “Fried Green Tomatoes” then as I always was in a hurry to pass the wooden salt box resembling an old coffin packed with curing hams, or my bug keeper would be smothering God’s critters as Mama Graham would admonish.

The thrill of the firefly hunt was on, and if you had a Ball jar with a metal handle, then you had an impromptu lantern to gloat over your cousins‘ plain Mason jar. By the way, there is an initiative in Mississippi to designate areas for “lightnin’ bug trails” as a part of tourism. At Wall Doxey State Park is an example of a tour trail for the future. Many neighborhoods have too much artificial light to pursue the bugs naturally. So happy hunting with your ‘grandarlins’ in the future as all of mine have been through the trail training already in Mud Creek Bottom.

Anniversary milestones are to the following couples for June: Dewitt and Verline Stepp-68, Clarenda and Larry Parrish-53, Beverly and Rusty Cummings-51, Bilbo and Pat Russell-51, Mike and Lynn Spears-52, Garry and Linda Graham-51, Jim and Pam Lessell-49, Bradley and Kathy Montgomery-49, Ronnie and Lawanda Hale-47.

Birthdays wishes are to the following for June: Braxton Hooker, Bo Barefield, Jack Robbins, Phil Warren, B.J. Moore, Paul Moore, Faye Sills, Bro. Clifton Waldron, Ashley McGee, Dewitt Stepp, Linda Weeden, Rhett Russell, Jake Leath, Ryder Leath, Reena Buchanan, Katie Stutto, Lisa Bryant, Bro. Wayne Logan, Landon Kidd, Glenda Hale, Easton Smith, and Mike Bain.

Get-well wishes are to the following: Sally Weeden, Casey Deaton, Reba Graham, Wayne Logan, and LaRonda Shumpert.

Jason Hall and Jeffry Hall attended the Mother’s Day service at Hurricane Baptist with their mom, Jeannette Cook(Walt).

Ruby Jeaul Goggans enjoyed a vacation with her son, Robby, as he drove them to tour points of interest in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas following their year at home due to the pandemic. Some of the areas toured are as follows: the battlefield at Vicksburg and the antebellum homes in the town; the town of Natchitoches, Louisiana, where the movie “Steel Magnolias” was filmed, and the houses associated with the movie of Aunt Fern’s and Clairee’s, Truvy’s No. 2 salon, and the wedding reception home; the towns in East Texas; and a return to Natchez for two days of touring the antebellum homes there;

and finally on the way home via Holmes Community College to tour the campus as Ruby Jeaul attended there from 1950-2. It’s great that this retired teacher and her son had a great vacation, and they thanked God for his blessings on their safe journey and for the opportunity to make new family memories as they love to travel.

Walter Clyde and Kathy Richardson celebrated their Golden Anniversary on May 21, 2021 as I enjoyed a visit at their home in Pinedale. Their great-granddaughter Violet Hunnicut will celebrate her first birthday in June.

Larry Keith Hale of Austin,Texas, recently visited his mom, Bobbie, at her Haletown Lane home.

Steve and Debbie Graham of Colorado City, Texas, visited with Graden and Susan Hooker last week during the torrential downpours. Steve came to fish at Sardis Lake with Colt, Braxton, and Graden. The rain cancelled their fishing, but the ladies continued to shop in New Albany and Pontotoc as Freida Browning and Faye Dillard came by daily to join the group and a great steak cookout.

Terri Smith was given a retirement party at NPAC as she retired as the elementary school principal there after a teaching career that spanned 31 years. Attending were her husband, Roger Smith, sons,Trae, and Easton and Suanna Smith, and her parents, Zane and Glenda Hale, all of Hurricane, as well as a host of colleagues and friends too.

On June 9 Sue Morrison of Etta and Faye Dillard attended a Republican Women’s Club Luncheon in Oxford at McEwen’s. The guest speaker was the Secretary of State Michael Watson.

Melinda Nowicki of Pontotoc enjoyed a down home Southern dinner of vegetables and cornbread with Faye Dillard at her Duncan Creek home last Tuesday.

James Lynch of Oxford attended the services at Hurricane Baptist on June 6 with his grandparents, Nellie and Lynn Robbins. His great-grandmother is Larue Hill of Shady Grove.

I enjoyed a day of basketball at New Site as Aden Hooker will be a senior with the Kady Royals in the fall there. They beat Pine Grove and Smithville that day. These air-conditioned gyms are great!

I enjoyed an afternoon visit on the beautiful lawn of Jimmie G. Warren and took two monster ferns from Ecru as one was a gift from our Sunday School Class and the other one from my family and Faye. We are so glad the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Now Jeff will have extra work potting the ferns for her front porch.

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