I have been the victim of a practical joke.

I think this goes back some eight years, with some people waiting on an opportunity to seek their revenge.

You see, eight years ago, my niece Audra was in the hospital having her gallbladder taken out while I was taking care of her five-month old daughter Annah Lane.

Audra is a graduate of Ole Miss and is a die hard fan. While I had her daughter in my care, we went on a shopping trip and I bought this beautiful baby girl a MS State cheerleading outfit. I dressed her in it and laid her on a MS State blanket and we had a photo shoot.

I felt it was appropriate to send those photos to her mother who was coming out of recovery.

The only response I got, was get that stuff (edited version) off that precious child.

I was threated with losing my babysitting privileges by her brother.

I guess that started a tradition. Four years later, Audra’s brother, Chad and wife Amber had a baby girl, Lily. Chad told me I could not put any maroon on his child or I would most certainly lose my babysitting privileges. I did as I was told and I bought a white outfit with a big MS State on the front and Lily was placed on same MS State blanket for our photo shoot.

I moved into a new house this weekend and no one will confess, but I am certain it is the whole bunch of Ole Miss people in those two families who built and painted a sign that reads “An Ole Miss Fan lives here”.

Somehow it appeared in my front yard on Saturday.

Like I said, I enjoy a practical joke.

By the way, Chad and Amber, it is time for me to babysit for Sammy Neal.

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