A rainy Sunday morning, God's way of washing the earth. Praying God will soon wash this old virus away too.

Our SS lesson was in Micah 5:2-5A, and Matthew 2:1-6, 9-11.

Bro Frank's message was in Psalms 19:1-14 today.'"The Glory of God." Can we see God’s glory? Psalm verse 14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in the slight, O Lord my strength, and my redeemer.

Open house for Immanuel parsonage remodel is this coming Sunday Jan. 16 at 2 p.m. They have done an awesome job on it. Lots of the church members have done the work on it, Bro. Frank helped them a lot too.

Bro. Frank, Lisa and kids invite you to come and check it out.Bro.

Frank did a peek video; it was beautiful, I can’t wait to see it in

person Sunday.

Our birthdays are Dana Davis on Jan. 13,Bro.Frank's is Jan. 14. Happy birthday to these two and God Bless.

Come join us at Immanuel Baptist church, if you want to hear some

awesome preaching God’s word.

Dear God, Help us each day God to your will ,and guilde the way we need to go. Thank you God for my salvation, my kids and my grands , watch over them each day and hour and all the time. God thank you for my family and friends that love me and I love them too.

Thank you God for your love for me, thank you for all the love you

give us all the time. Thank you God for keeping the kids safe while they were out for Christmas and New Years .

God be with all the sick, help get them well. God save lots of the

world, be with missionaries on home and far away fields , keep your loving arms around them all.

God watch over our Matthew in Oregon as he does your work.. keep safe.

Watch over the doctors, nurses, firemen, law offices, our soldiers

and all they do for us .

God guide our president, to do the right thing for your people. God

let him have a heart for all the people.

God be with the White House and all of Congress, help them do what you would have them. God if any of them are lost , let them see they need you as their savior and Lord.

God watch over Mr. Trump and his family and keep them safe from harm.

My prayer is that our Nation would turn back to you God.

In Jesus Name Amen

God Bless our USA

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