Another beautiful Lord's day at Immanuel church.

Our Sunday school lesson was Psalms 19: 1-6 and 111:7-10.

Our choir sang "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel."

We had two specials today Shirley's granddaughter Olivia Patterson song Hallelujah and Pat's granddaughter Malanda Anderson sang. "It is Well with Soul " both so beautiful.

Bro.Crawley's message was in Genesis on the birth of Jesus in Genesis 3:15...God's plan for us to be saved and Jesus was born into the world to be our saviour.God is broken hearted when a soul is lost.

Come join us this coming Sunday Dec.15 for our musical at 4 pm.

Come by and see our manger scene, it is beautiful.

I had a great weekend with family and friends.

We all had a great time at our Christmas party Saturday.

Saturday night I went with Kim and Makenna to the Christmas parade at Ecru so pretty. Makenna was in the parade she is in the North Pontotoc band enjoyed there music.

I went Sunday night to Thaxton Baptist musical it was so good the best part was Makenna special, all of it was awesome tell about the birth of Jesus in a awesome way.

Birthdays coming up are Christy Holland on Dec.12 and Micayla Harville on Dec. 15 happy birthday and God Bless.

Make sure you check out the Community Theater Play this weekend. The One and Only Santa will be presented Saturday, December 14 at 2 and 7 p.m. and Sunday, December 15 at 2 p.m. Admission is $10.

Dear God, Thank you for all the love you us and take care of us. Thank you God for saving my soul and forgiving me when i do wrong. God thank you for watching over kids and grands and just being there all time. Be with the people that have lost love ones. Be with Helen Anderson family as they lay her to rest this week. She was my first and second grade teacher, sure did love her. Keep them all in your prayers, sweet lady. Be with the lost of the world and let them see they need you God to save them.Be with homeless an all the ones that need you Lord. Thank you for all the Blessing you give us,we are so Blessed for you loving us. God Bless our president and his family and keep them safe. In Jesus name Amen

God Bless our America

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