LaRhonda Glass

LaRhonda Glass is the life coach and mentor of Jewels.

LaRhonda Glass has seen the effects that life’s hard knocks can have on a person because she has traveled down a hard path and back again.

Today she wants to use those things she has learned in life to help others who need the life coaching and counseling to get them back on a path of productive living, and shining the light that they can in the community like well polished jewels.

So she decided to start her own mentoring service and named it Jewels. She began this service the beginning of this year, but that doesn’t mean she is novice to the game.

“I was a social worker for 11 years because I wanted to make a difference to help people understand that there is a different path than we are typically taught,”  Glass said.

Glass now wants to help those women who are just now getting out of jail and need help getting established in life and going down a right path.

“I began to realize that things we are taught aren’t always what is good in our journey and I want to show others the things that I have learned as a result,” she said.

Her services come as a fee, but for those who need help in getting their life straightened out there is a grant in place, thanks to a local business man.

Mike Montgomery who owns Montgomery on Main believes in the work that Glass does and has given the grant.

“It is a renewable grant through Montgomery, LLC in Pontotoc. The specified use is to access young ladies with mentoring or life coaching that are not financially able to have the coaching,” Mike Montgomery said.

“We have specified guidelines, if there is no real commitment to follow through with the Department of Corrections or doing what they need to do, they are just wasting that money and we are not going to do that,” he said.

He had high praise for Glass and her ability to help the people who are serious about turning their life around. “She has a wealth of knowledge with the compassion to do the work. There are people who need the service, but can’t afford it. That’s where the grant money will step in. It is a multi-agency approach to serve the individual that needs it.

“We are welcoming referrals from different places, churches or wherever that need some additional help. We want them to refer people, perhaps a mom that has a teenage daughter that needs some one-on-one work with someone. Our heart is to help deserving ladies and families that couldn’t get this type of service without the grant.”

Glass said that everyone has their own personal journey and people do make mistakes and they have to learn from them and make things work.

“Yes, you went to jail, that is a negative, but what did you learn from it? The Bible tells us the all things work for good for those who love the Lord. However, you have to be able to accept and be accountable and take on the responsibility for what you have done.

“You may think things will always be a certain way, that’s not true. You can change, but you have to change your mind and set yourself to consciously do the work.”

Glass said that she offers a free consultation for those who wish to take part in the life mentoring program. After that there is a fee, which is why she receive the grant from Montgomery to help defray some of the costs for those who can’t afford it.

“I’m working to help you see the purpose for your life and work it out. I require that those who come into the program stay at least six months. It takes that long.”

Glass said her greatest challenge in counseling women is getting them to be honest with who they are.

“Sometimes women don’t want to disappoint people, and they ‘perform’ to be what people want them to be. Facing truth and honesty about yourself is a challenge especially if you are raised to believe a certain thing about yourself,” Glass said.

She said that those who should have supported you when growing up may have never believed in you and what you wanted to be, but she said you can be open and get through that. People view being vulnerable as a weakness, but is really a strength. Openness is a strength.”

A believer in the things that God’s says, Glass said that the Word of God, “My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 139:14, ‘I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;’. God’s word is personal. It works where we are in life. I may not be struggling with the same thing you are and the same verse can speak to both of our struggles.”

Glass said she wants to leave a legacy. “Let me leave empty, I often pray. I don’t want to leave anything inside of me that I should have given to someone else. I want to earn my ‘well done though good and faithful servant.’’

To contact Glass please call 662-858-0281, she offers individual, couple and group counseling.

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