With Tuesday's election primaries no proceedings were scheduled in Pontotoc County Circuit court this week. 

Court resumes Monday, August 12, with the second week of criminal court and the third week of court is set August  19 through 24.

Court officials stress that cases listed on the docket are subject to change or continuance. A plea day was also held on July 23 and some defendants may have entered guilty pleas prior to their August term scheduled court date. 

The following is a list of the cases set for trial the third week of court. 

Sixteen cases were originally set for trial on Monday, August 19, including:

-Randall Wilson, child abuse;

-Ryan Lane, three counts of armed robbery;

-Justin Sanders, two cases, including four counts of fondling and sexual battery of child under 14;

-Dalton Johnson, domestic violence/agravated assault;

-Anthony Turner, two counts of aggravated assault-weapon;

-Jessie Pitts, six counts of sexual battery-under 14;

-Amber Allen, possession of meth

-Cory Long, felon with a weapon;

-Robert Whitaker, possession of meth with intent;

-Jason Warren, leaving scene of an accident;

-Tracy Carruth, credit card fraud;

-Richard Salmon, taking of a motor vehicle;

-Johnie Loggins, possession of hashish;

-Reggie Morris, child abuse;

-Benjamin Simmons, possession of meth;

Eighteen cases were originally set for trial on Tuesday, August 20, including:

-Roger Brown, rape-child 14-15;

-Randy Solomakos, murder;

-Michael Rutledge, fondling, 1st;

-Christopher Griggs, aggravated domestic violence/stranglation;

-Jeannee Chambers, possession of meth;

-Joseph Montgomery, grand larceny and felon with a weapon;

-Corey Lemons, two cases, including possession of meth and four counts of sale of meth;

-Zachary Grubbs, sale of meth;

-Gretchin Moody, three counts of embezzlement;

-Kenetrick Berry, grand larceny;

-Gary Hopkins, burglary of a building and grand larceny;

-Jason Woods, possession of amphetamine;

-Devon Adams, sale of meth;

-John Henton, possession of meth;

-William Smith, burglary of a vehicle;

-Jason Love, possession of marijuana with intent;

-Richard Willis, possession of meth;

Fourteen cases are set for trial on Wednesday, August 21, including:

-Brian Bailey, DUI third, alc. without test;

-Brion Branning, embezzlement;

-Derrick Townsend, felon with a weapon and DUI 4th, alc. without test;

-Michael Montgomery, kidnapping;

-Roy Chambers, four cases, including two counts of possession of meth and two counts of shooting into a dwelling;

-Heather Schmidt, possession of hydrocodone;

-Tyler Grose, possession of meth;

-Chad Simmons, child abuse;

-Charles Graves, embezzlement;

-Steve Harper, felon with a weapon;

-Danny Smith, sale of meth.

Thirteen cases are set for trial on Thursday, August 22, including:

-Lenoir Thornton, armed robbery;

-Scottie Todd, two cases, two counts of fondling;

-Heath Ettinger, aggravated assault-extreme indifference;

-Shelia Roby, shoplifting and grandlarceny;

-Michael Pate, possession of meth;

-Penny Holloway, two counts of credit card fraud;

-Debra Kilisz, burglary of a dwelling-larceny;

-John Crew, possession of hashish;

-Roberto Romeo, aggravated domestic violence, strangulation;

-Kilwandra McRoy, fales pretense;

-Trey Bean, possession of cocaine;

-Demond Moncreif, felon with a weapon.

Twelve cases are set for trial on Friday, August 23, including:

-Taylor Shelton, two counts of child deprivation;

-Charles Jackson, two counts of child deprivation;

-Shaweebra Pruitt, malicious mischief;

-William Henton, possession of meth;

-Jeffery Morris, DUI 4th, alc. no test;

-Charity Ferguson, three counts of child abuse-drug sale and possession of meth;

-Wendell Cheney, possession of meth with intent;

-Tyrone Hych, DUI 4th, alc. without test;

-Sandra Alexander, possession of meth;

-Jeannie Ward, injury/pain on a vulnerable person;

-David DeHass, sale of meth;

-Greggory Cassatt, aggravated domestic violence-strangulation. 

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