We have had two weeks of great shopping and now we can get our hair cut and that much needed color.

It is amazing that I get this excited about a haircut and shopping.

Now it is time to do it again. This week we are asking you to spend $30 on the 30th. When you go shopping on the 30 you can register to win $75 gift certificate.

It has not only been fun going out and shopping, it has been great to see our town come back to life.

We have so many local businesses that give us a wide array of styles, accessories, home interior, children’s clothing and so much more.

We have so many restaurants to choose from that need us to come back as well. I don’t go out to eat a lot, but enjoy the couple of times a month that I do.

As I said last week, we take so much for granted until it is not there anymore.

Let’s show all our local businesses how much they mean to us and to our town, by not only supporting them now, but going forward.

We are doing this promotion to get everyone out and shopping, but this is not something we should do for the short term. This is something we need to do every time we need to purchase something.

We still need to be aware of the social distancing and wearing mask. We need to do this for a little while longer and to protect the store owners and their employees and protect the shoppers in the store with you.

We need to do this to make everyone comfortable as they go back out shopping.

Shop our local stores, register to win the $75 gift certificate and enjoy the experience of shopping in Pontotoc.

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