Thank you to all who went out and shopped at our locally owned businesses. I did my part. I spent a little over my $15 request.

Thank you to Ecru Garden Center for some beautiful ferns and hanging baskets. My patio looks much better with some life on it.

Now it is time to do it again. This week we are asking you to spend $20 on the 22nd. When you go shopping on the 22nd you can register to win $50 gift certificate.

Molly Davis was the winner of the $15 gift certificate and will probably be back out this week to spend that $15 and more.

I know where I am going this week and will be doing some reconnaissance work to decide where I want to go next week.

This has been fun, going each week, shopping and browsing to find the perfect item to buy. It has been so long since we have been able to enjoy shopping that it has made me realize how much I have taken all our businesses for granted.

We all just assume that we can run out and pick up something whenever we feel like treating ourselves to something new or for a gift.

When our stores are closed, I found myself wanting to run by and pick up something and it saddened me to see stores closed.

We don’t miss things until they are gone. I for one am thrilled to see the stores open, the people on the street and enjoying the experience of shopping in Pontotoc.

We still need to be aware of the social distancing and wearing mask. We need to do this for a little while longer and to protect the store owners and their employees and protect the shoppers in the store with you.

We need to do this to make everyone comfortable as they go back out shopping.

Shop our local stores, register to win the $50 gift certificate and enjoy the experience of shopping in Pontotoc.

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