Bear? Whear?

Over thear! 

Don’t be sceared!

It was so cunning,

Tame and funning,

Little Pon’toc bear hunting!

David E. Helms

A popular children’s story book called “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen has taken the Coronavirus world by storm. It has become a great diversion for parents who want to give their children something to do and it has come to Pontotoc. The idea was to put bears in your window or on your mailbox or in a tree, somewhere that folks can see it and go on a bear hunt to see how many are out there. Now all you will need for this hunt is your sharp eyes, or if you have some binoculars or a telescope you can take that out too.

It was started to provide distraction from all news as of late, the idea of hunting bears in neighborhoods has provided both exercise and social distancing for the children. It is spreading from the United States to other countries, much like the virus that we are all fighting. 

Here in Pontotoc, you can go out for a drive with the family and see if you can count all the bears. Make sure you go every couple of days, though, because more bears are peeking out of windows and from mail boxes every day, not just in the city but out in the county as well.

So if you have a teddy bear in your house, or a dozen teddy bears in your house put them on display for the children to enjoy hunting them.

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